I am precious, cherished, loved.  Mr H controls his strength and holds back afraid to break me, most of the time.  Last year we experimented with him spanking me as hard as he could and he left gorgeous hand prints on my bottom, one side also had a welt for a few days.  And, he learned he wouldn’t break me.  Although our ears were definitely ringing.

Breaking the sound barrier.

The sound of his hand as it struck my bottom, wow, honestly the room spun, and my ears were ringing.  Like I had been at a rock concert for a few hours, and the ringing lasted a while too! But he didn’t break me.  We learned something, he doesn’t have to be so careful and it is LOUD!

Of course that means it is not easy to do this at home; our son could hear, our neighbours may hear.  In all honesty I think the people several streets away might hear!


The handprints faded, but on my right cheek a welt formed.  It took several days for it to fade.

I loved this mark, and I love the images we took of it.  The pain I felt during that spank took my breath away.  It also blew my mind and I wanted more.


Impact play forms a huge part of what we do.  We have two regular sessions a week, but their primary goal is relaxing me, helping me manage my chronic pain, and reinforcing our dynamic.  Mr H will say that he is a sadist but I am in a special category of people that he does not want to hurt.  Which is cool, but then again, I don’t mind some pain.

We haven’t really pushed the boundaries with this, but I know it is something we will do.  Hand spanking is our favourite method, the noise means we have to be selective when we can do it.  We use the cane during the week because it is quiet and does the job we need.  The squealer makes a great sound and feels delightful, thuddy, and it generally sends me to nice subby places.  But the skin to skin contact of a spanking is something special.

When Pain meets Pleasure

That’s when the magic happens.  There is a point, when the pain stops hurting.  I know there is science as to why this happens but thats for someone else to talk about, I just love the moment when my head gets fuzzy and my body feels light and free.  It’s like that moment when your body is at the top of a swing, right before you come back down, and you are weightless, exhilarated, free.


Sweetgirl x

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