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Whoop it’s Saturday!

It’s a normal day. Only it’s not. Our eldest child is heading back to university having signed up to complete his Master’s Degree. We have packed the car – he’s had to go on the train.

He’s been home for 5 months, and it’s been a nightmare. But he’s leaving and MrH says if he comes back in 12 months he will be told he can only do so if he agrees to follow specific rules. I’m hoping and praying he doesn’t come back. I mean, I love him he’s my son, but he is awful to live with.

Those of you who follow my blogs will know MrH set new rules for me at the start of the year. Two of which were to help me get back to my target weight. I want to reassure you all that this is not about him wanting me to be ‘thinner’ .. not at all. In October 2016, following my recovery from a hysterectomy, I joined Slimming World and in 15 months I lost 5 stone. I’ve put 13 lbs back on and was quite cross with myself but also not focused on sticking to plan to lose it again. So MrH’s new rules have helped enormously. Anyway last week I lost 1lb and this week I’ve lost 2.5lbs.

It’s been a busy and exciting week. Our first Munch. MrH used his cane for the 2nd time and in addition I decided not to continue at the temp to perm role (they were not offering a competitive salary for what they were expecting).

So, unemployed again… But hey ho something will come up. In the meantime I will keep myself busy by writing more of the Captains Prize, and of course following MrH’s rules.

7 thoughts on “Whoop it’s Saturday!”

  1. I know all about living with children who make it hell!! Here’s hoping he finds a path and home (that isn’t yours)! I know we all want our children to be happy and success and most importantly self-sufficient! But the path to that spot is often very rough!

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