This is a sex blog right?  I did come to the right place to find out about all the fantastic sex you’re having as a submissive wife? So- where is it?  I completely understand your confusion.  In fact I feel the same way.  Where has all the sex gone….

Don’t worry it will be back.

Mr H had his stent removed along with his kidney stone last week, and they left a temporary stent in place while the tube healed.  This will be removed on Monday. Mr H will be well enough to resume sexual activities a few days later.

But, it’s a sex blog!

Why is there all this other stuff?  Quite simply because this sex blog is my blog, and I talk about everything.  It’s about real life, and not just about one part of it.

So there will be sex when Mr H is well again?

Probably not.  Well actually hopefully not.  I am going to be going to hospital today.  On Thursday my pain procedure was cancelled and I wrote a little about this and how I felt about it.  Mr H wrote to the new consultant to ask him what he would suggest we do,  to manage my pain, now this has been cancelled. Today we received a letter from him, saying he had asked a colleague to see us for a second opinion???  And, an email to say we could always go to A&E.  It appears that the consultant has thrown his dolly out of the pram, because we have challenged the contents of his letter to my GP.  Apparently he doesn’t like us asking why he hasn’t examined me; why he ignored the cauda equina symptoms that are supposed to be diagnosed and treated within 24-48 hours.

Come on – where’s the sex?

I know there’s still no sex here is there. Believe me I wish that were different.  As much as I am in pain I am still pretty horny.  Anyway, I have written this in advance because I know that today (Saturday) I will be in the A&E department doing exactly what the consultant told me to do.  I have decided to throw in the towel.  The pain is too much and I need it gone, not more pain killers, not a bandaid to cover a bullet hole, I need the problem fixing.  Not just because I want to go back to having fantastic sex, but because I want to get rid of this pain and live a normal life.

In the meantime please stick with me.

I usually do a Saturday Shares post, and this week I won’t be.  Instead I am going to remind you that yes, this is a sex blog, and there are some delicious stories already written.  There are 689 posts on this blog, why not go back and read some of them?  Here are a few links to get you started and a picture of a my boobs in a fab bra (and the picture also links to the knicker fairy’s website).


Sweetgirl x

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