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What’s next?

So, S2 is moved in with S1, and now MrH and I are alone.

Time to reorganize

We have a week off work and we will be slowly sorting through the things left behind, packing what needs to be saved and disposing of the rest. If we get chance we will probably put a coat of paint on the walls.

S2’s bedroom will become MrH’s play room. Suspension points on the wall and ceiling. We may leave the bed in there although I think it may be better to move that into the front small room and move our clothing into the back room. That way we don’t have to put toys away if we have guests, and we will have more space, but time will decide that one.

Time to redefine

We will also need to talk about our dynamic and how the change in environment is going to affect it. Home has always been a place of restricted play. MrH doesn’t fully relax, always on edge for S2 coming home if he had gone out, or coming out of his bedroom if he was home.So, MrH has to do some changing.

I am able to shut out those distractions. I can loose myself in MrH, and S2 being gone will make that easier for me, but for MrH it means retraining his mind. I don’t know how easy that will be for him.I guess this week will be a good week for him to work on that. Being off work we have the opportunity to fully immerse ourselves, in ourselves.

Over the last few years MrH has made a few comments about how he would behave if we were alone. This week is his chance to explore them, if he chooses to, and I really hope he does.I don’t want us to waste this week watching TV, tidying up and decorating. I mean, yes tidying and decorating are needed but they do not support our dynamic or connection, and we are in need of that.The half hearted play over the last few months, (and I don’t mean it hasn’t been good just that I MrH hasn’t fully committed to it because we haven’t been alone), hasn’t allowed MrH to get into the Dom headspace the way he can at our hotel. It’s now on him to find away to access that at home, to get into that state of mind and act on it.

Patience is not my strength

Unfortunately I am not patient. I want him to take his new power and flex his muscles.

I want him to make me walk round naked, as he has suggested he would in the past.

I want him to turn up his sexual control and live out any thoughts, fantasies or desires he has.

I want him to use the cane, squealer, or his hand to make me cry out, as he once said he would.

I want him to use me, fuck me, in every way possible, in every room of the house, just because he can.

I want him to get out his rope and tie me up in the living room just because he can.

But, regardless of what I want, I guess I will have to wait and see if he will, or wants to.

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14 thoughts on “What’s next?”

    1. I don’t know about energy lol… we have this week off work and what should have been a relaxing week has turned into a week of construction as the council have decided to fix the damp issues that we have been waiting for them to fix for about 3 years. So we have workmen in the house for most of the week and the weekend we will have to go over with their things…

      1. Oh dear! Theres always something! We’re staying with my son and his family and have to be very shhhhhh…quiet when making love. Rex has to cover my mouth when I orgasm as I usually Yelp and squeal which is fine at home but….. we end up giggling!!!
        Love you blog!

  1. I love that you are going to change your place to suit your needs too, just like we are busy to change things here since our son has moved out. Can’t wait to have it all done πŸ™‚

    Rebel xox

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