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What’s in the package?

That is what the lady behind the post office counter asked Mr H yesterday when he went to post a parcel to Submissy for me. Now, for those of you in the UK this is a relatively new thing that the post office does. They ask what is in the parcel as they will not allow some items to go through the general mail system. The parcel contained a sex toy. Mr H when put on the spot did not know what to say and so he said he did not know. As a result he could not send it.

Erm, A sex toy.

I’m sure that you can empathise. There you are in a queue with the general public and a sex toy in an envelope. What do you say? Of course afterwards he thought of several things he could have said, but in that moment his mind went blank. The easiest response would be ‘a toy’ and most people would assume that you mean a child’s toy. You could say a sex toy of course but I would image most people would feel uncomfortable with that, and that opens up a new line of questioning. Does it contain a battery? What kind of battery? And, so on.

Second times a charm.

At least now when Mr H goes to send it again he will go armed with what to say, and Submissy and HisLordship will soon have another toy to try out!

Sweetgirl x

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12 thoughts on “What’s in the package?”

      1. I would have no issues saying it was an adult toy. And if I had to be more specific, Iโ€™d say a sex toy. Weโ€™re adults. We shouldnโ€™t be ashamed or embarrassed about these things. ๐Ÿ™‚

        But I understand for some itโ€™s out of their comfort zone.

        FC sent me something once. They wrote down right on the package what it was! I forget the exact wording now but it was along the lines of โ€œsex toyโ€ (they were fur lined cuffs). I got a chuckle when I read it, thinking who else might have seen those words on its ways to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. I suspect you are in a minority Miss D. I dislike the fact that we now have to disclose what we are posting, it is a sad artifact of the times we live in that we can’t post something and the contents be private. But that’s a different post ๐Ÿ˜”

  1. Too funny! I’m not sure how I would of responded. I personally wouldn’t say sex toy though. I’d be too worried about making the person uncomfortable. Though wouldn’t it be great if we lived in a world where that wouldn’t bother anyone.
    s.e. recently posted…FlowerMy Profile

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