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What are you waiting for? An invitation?

I’ve mentioned in other posts that right now I’m incredibly horny. This new level of submission (see take me own me use me) the realisation of this change as well as the reinstatement of the rules has thrown my body into a highly sensitive state. I have to ask if I want to use my syns. Each time I ask it reminds me of my submission. Each time he answers I get a thrill and my arousal increases. Add to this the new, stricter rule that I have to ask to buy things means my submission is at the forefront of everything I do.

Today I asked MrH if he could try and give me some indication of if he intends to play each day, just so I can try and keep my frustration under control. If I know during the day I’m not going to get any relief that evening I can try to keep my imagination on a tight leash and limit the frustration. He said he understood and when he knew I would know.

The day progressed normally. Work, home, tea, shower/bath, and then chatting with online friends.

I had pretty much settled myself that MrH did not plan to play and when he indicated he was ready for sleep and lights out, I asked if I should put the audio book on.

He said, “not yet.”

My stomach fluttered as the butterflies awoke, excited. The throbbing returned to MrH’s pussy.

“You’ll be sucking Sirs cock soon enough,” he continued.

My heart started to pound. I quickly nipped to the loo. When I returned he was scrolling through Facebook on his phone. So I lay quietly, patiently at his side.

“What are you waiting for? An invitation?” He said, “get down there.”

Well I didn’t need anymore encouragement. I began to please him. He alternated between allowing me to please him, and holding my head and fucking my mouth or using my head to fuck him. I took him in deep. I felt his cock hit my throat and push past. My throat was left deliciously sore for a while. He had me move position part way so he could play with his pussy. And he demanded she cum. Twice she obliged.

MrH has increased his use of dirty talk, and it’s so hot. Although I do find it difficult to answer him… I have to stop what I’m doing to do it otherwise it’s just incoherent (I’m sure you can appreciate you can’t talk with a cock in your mouth)..

He even treated me by cuming in my mouth.

In all a delicious wonderful amazing surprise play.

Damn I’m one lucky lady!


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