My arms twisted behind my back, are secured with rope, that winds around my body. I’m dazed, relaxed, swaying slightly with each breath, lost in the feeling you have created.  The sound the rope makes as it slides against itself is hypnotic, and soothing; shhhhhhhhh, shhhhhhhh, shhhhhhhh.  When you bend me forward, and insert the cold steel ball of the anal hook I whimper, but not for long.  It soon warms up with my body heat.  This too is secured with more rope, twisting around my body, and itself.   As you work the rope, each pull tugs the hook inside me.  You weave your magic and once again my mind is lost.   Eyes closed, I drift in a landscape of pink, and purple, and blue; breathing in, and out.


Sweetgirl x

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