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T’was the night before the night before Christmas

Well actually it’s the morning of Christmas Eve…

We have just woken up and made coffees so I decided to update my blog.

I briefly summarised yesterday’s fun (well the first part of it anyway) in “I am a good girl” .. I’m going to go into a bit more detail now.

MrH and I arrived at the room and he unpacked his equipment. We fitted the underbed restraints and he said that the room was too small for the dance, it wasn’t how he imagined it. Now I’ll admit to being disappointed which surprised me as I was nervous about it but I think because I’d spent so much time preparing it for him not doing it felt, well, disappointing.

I explained that I had planned it knowing how much room we had and that I have planned for him to be sat on the stool in the corner of the room. Eventually he agreed l could do the dance. My guilt surfaced .. had I pushed him into it? I smacked the living crap out of that voice – I’d worked hard and I wanted to show it off.

He took a few pictures of the bed made up ready… With the restraints on the bed and Various toys … I then climbed onto the bed and knelt (one of his favourite pictures of me) and he took some shots. Looking at the pictures it almost looks like the flogger is coming out of my ass 😳 I must learn to ask to see the first picture so I can suggest alterations….

I then undressed MrH and dressed him in his suit. By the time I had finished I was wet .. I LOVE how he looks in a suit 😊. I took pictures of him with his crop, paddle and flogger. He then had me set up our camera stand and pass him the remote. He wanted me to kneel in front of him. The resulting picture is a little suggestive 🤭.

I then helped MrH change into his comfortable clothes and l changed into the first outfit … A black body suit, stockings and heals. Poses completed to MrH instructions, legs apart facing away, click. Legs further apart, click. Bend over and touch your toes, click. Stand up and turn around, click. Inspection position facing away, click. Turn around, click. On the bed and pin up poses, click, change, click….

The second outfit was the black bra, g-string and waspie with stockings. First with heels then with boots. The same poses were required. This time MrH added one before I got on the bed, ‘legs apart and touch yourself,’ click. ‘Come here’. MrH had been laid on the bed and he rolled onto his back he instructed me to stand legs either side of his head, he moved the g-string aside and pulled me onto his mouth… he enjoyed tasting me, teasing me with his tongue, without allowing an orgasm. He pulled his cock out and said .. ‘clean it’ which I did with enthusiasm.

He then continued the photos. He decided to restrain me with the bed ties and retrieved a vibrator after I was securely restrained. I lost track of everything he did .. but let’s just say I lost count of the number of orgasms 😊 and while MrH used my mouth to keep himself drip free and for his own pleasure he didn’t take his climax yet.

I was unfastened and changed (on shaky legs) into the final outfit, a gray bodysuit with black piping no stockings or shoes. MrH went through his poses again and then moved me to the bed… This time when I was laid on my back with my head tipped back he decided he wanted to use my mouth again. He recorded a video of it (which he showed me last night) and man is it hot!

He picked up the jeweled but plug and lube. I bent over the end of the bed and he inserted the plug. He then used the vibrator on it just as I described in a recent fantasy. Then instructed me to ‘get on the bed arse in the air.’ He used the vibrator to stimulate my clit and, while he thrust his cock in my mouth, he said ‘now I’ve filled every hole’ which pushed me to climax. He moved behind me on the bed and inserted his cock and the vibrator into my pussy – i think I said something silly like ‘i feel so full’ as I climaxed again.. he pulled his cock out and returned to my mouth ‘are u ready for Sirs cum in your mouth?’ I replied I was. I felt like a wanton, dirty slut, desperate for his cum, and I loved it!

We rested a while before I did my dance.

I hid round the corner while I dressed in the matching underwear (black and red bra, panties and suspenders, with stockings) and black pull on skirt with a blouse. I fastened 2 buttons.

I set up the stool in the corner for MrH and turned on the speaker. I tested the volume with a Bon Jovi song.. then found the song I needed and passed him the phone. He pressed play and the Bonjovi song resumed so I had to re-select the music. But after that false start I posed on the edge of the bed and began… Within a few seconds he had a huge grin and this gave me such a boost. I sailed through the rest of the routine.

By the time I had finished I was buzzing and MrH was smiling. Success!

I love that every time we go away he asks me to do something which pushes my comfort zone…

It took a while to get my breath back!

We went for something to eat and came back to the room while our food settled.

A few hours later after I had showered and shaved MrH set up the furniture so he could spank and flog me. I dressed in the g-string he asked for and layed on the bed.

MrH used his new flogger, the crop, the paddle and his hand. I had to use my warning word (yellow) once as things got intense and I wanted him to know I was reaching my limit. MrH chose to take a step back and changed from the crop back to the flogger. He took pictures as various points. I enjoyed it very much, and I was super floating and relaxed, with a very red bottom!

We rested again for a while then MrH instructed me to put on bra and panties so he could do some rope bondage.

He did a pentagram chest harness with his purple rope and a black corset underneath. I relaxed and drifted away part way through. MrH took pictures of his work and they look awesome…

After he had untied the ropes I laid on the bed … Super relaxed.

He pulled off my panties… And rolled me onto my front. He removed my bra. MrH spread my legs and pushed into me, the angle perfectly rubbing my g spot… I climaxed. He told me he was going to give me his cum and asked if I was ready… I think I may have incoherently stated ‘yes Sir’ over and over again.

It was another amazing day and I’m so grateful to MrH for his thoughtful planning.

We’re off for breakfast in a few minutes …. Then who knows what’s in store? 😊😀

Well I guess MrH does…….

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