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Trial and Error

I tried driving today for the first time.  It did not go well.  MrH needed to take his bike into the shop for a service and so, as the shop is only 4 miles away from our house I decided this could be my maiden voyage so to speak.  Within 1 mile I knew there was a problem.

Lifting my left leg to use the clutch was causing my leg to shake and go cold.  I mean it is cold today, but cold, the cold feeling was numbness.  I held it together until I got out of the car. I put the car in neutral and hand brake on every chance I could do I didn’t have to hold on the clutch.  I wanted to breakdown and cry.

I may find that I can ride the bike more easily than ride the car because I’m in a different body position. But until I can test it I won’t know, and right now I’ve had to take my last diazepam because I’m pretty sure that the disc has pushed on the nerve pretty significantly during my drive.

I’m layed in bed now. Waiting for the meds to kick in.

Worse case scenario, we will have to get an automatic car.

Time will tell .

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