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Too many toys?

Is there such a thing? Surely not. I mean you can’t have too many shoes either right?  But, we have toys at the moment that we haven’t yet used. Toys I’ve been looking forward to MrH using.  We have two sets of clamps that have yet to come out of the wrappers, that we got after a visit to see HisLordship and SubMissy and we have a spiral glass dildo that we have yet to try.

And today we ordered a pebble clit stim from the knickerfairy.

Now MrH is damn good with his hands, but I would be lying if I said it wouldn’t be easier to bring me to climax with the wand or other vibe.

Pair the wand with his cock in my pussy or mouth and I’m in heaven [until he lets me down].

Now we haven’t played much with anal especially since I had the problem with the haemorrhoid from hell.. but even before then, and with the exception of 2 occasions always when we are away.

It’s something I was hoping MrH and I would explore more but since the haemorrhoid I don’t know if MrH has changed his mind. I mean obviously something when wrong that play time, and we think it’s a combination of things…. the shape of the toy we used (beads), probably not enough lube, and it was removed without talking to each other (brace yourself/relax honey) 😂 .

In some respects we learned from the experience…. lube, lube and more lube…. smoother shaped toys…. and communication on insertion and removal.

In any case I’m hoping that in the new year we will play more with toys and explore more anal play at home. Especially if we want to have a Scotland tour in 2019 we won’t be able to go away to a hotel once a month, every month, so our play at home is going to have to push our boundaries a little.

It’s quite easy to stay within the limits of what you find comfortable and easy, but pushing those limits enables you to grow.

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5 thoughts on “Too many toys?”

  1. Hemorrhoids are not unusual, especially when older. (Btw, I’m older than you) Unfortunately, they are a fact of life.

    1. Yeah I know that feeling. Having said that if you buy from LoveHoney you can return them if you don’t like them 😉 and I have done that a few times! Just make sure you try them quickly – you only have a short time to do so!

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