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Tie me up and use me – please!

I’ve had a few rough days – my back pain has been worse than usual. MrH relaxed my rules a little and insisted that I rest and that on the first day I wasn’t to exercise. On the second day, I was to continue to rest, and do stretches not exercise. The third day MrH told me to do the same again.

This morning I’m feeling much better.

I’m going to see my GP today, as l received some advice, from a wonderful lady who is a member of The Safeword Club. She has experience of pain management and I want to discuss her suggestions with him.

Anyway back to yesterday, having spent 3 days in bed resting my back, my mood has understandably dropped. MrH decided last night that my back was rested enough for some gentle play.

He got some rope out and I stood while he tied my arms behind my back into the first part of the dragonfly sleeve (link to the tutorial below). I enjoy rope bondage it’s calming and relaxes me – usually. Yesterday, the TV was on, and the noise was a little distracting, which stopped me from fully relaxing. Nevertheless the finished sleeve looked beautiful -MrH took a picture and showed me.

After MrH untied me, I snuggled up to him on the bed.

I should perhaps explain, every evening at 7pm I go and shower. MrH likes me to be smooth. So every day I shave my underarms, legs and pussy. Initially I left a small ‘landing strip’ however, on a video MrH filmed on our last hotel stay, I realised that the remaining hair is so fair and short, that it isn’t visible, so I changed to being completely shaved. After I have completed my daily grooming I start MrH’s bath running, I add some Radox bubble bath and agitate the water to make bubbles. I do not get dressed again and spend the rest of the evening naked.

After his bath MrH also remains undressed, and we lie in bed watching TV, chatting online and just being together.

So we’re both naked and in bed. MrH will often touch himself (as men do) not so as to get an erection, just adjusting position, allowing air around, and so on. But, every time my eyes are drawn to watch. His cock fascinates me. Whenever he touches it – I want to touch, I want to kiss and suck. I want to take him in my mouth and hear him sigh with pleasure. But I digress (see how easily I am distracted?).

One of my rules is that I can touch him when we’re naked.. but I’m always hesitant to touch Sirs cock without specific permission.

Last night MrH placed my hand on his cock. I felt so unsure. It’s been a long time since I was allowed to pleasure him in this way. Usually he is already aroused and we’re part way through play.

I gently stroked him and scooted down the bed. I looked at him and asked “May I?” He knew I was asking to use my mouth. And he smiled and nodded.

I eagerly used my mouth to tease and his cock swelled. Usually I would be wet and wanting, completely absorbed in what I was doing. But not last night. Don’t get me wrong I was turned on, just not completely absorbed as I would normally be. The TV was still on and it was tugging at a little part of my brain. Until- MrH grasped my head and pushed me down onto his cock.. forcing it deep into my mouth. As soon as he did my drain disconnected, and my attention was fully on him. He pulled me up a little then thrust his hips to pulse in and out. I heard him moan, heat and wet flooded my pussy in response. He pulled me completely off him and held me a few inches from his cock. He wrapped his hand round his cock and pumped up and down. My arousal grew and grew. My need for him became overpowering. He guided my mouth back onto his cock and, this time keeping still he held the back of my neck and pumped my head up and down onto his cock.

He continued a while then removed his hand, and I continued to move at the pace he had set. When he pulled me off him again I was disappointed, I wanted to taste him, to have his cum.. but he wasn’t done.

“Are you wet?” He asked me… And I replied, “yes Sir.”

“Are you ready for Sirs cum?” At this my heart jumped for joy.. of course I was! I welcomed it. I can’t remember if I nodded or spoke .. but he definitely said, “on your back then.”

I laid back on the bed and he moved the covers to expose my body. I spread my legs for him and he pushed his cock deep in me.

He told me what a good girl I was. I was so aroused I knew I was close to climax and he did too… He asked me if I was going to cum for him… And if I was ready for his cum, as I’d done such a good job sucking his cock he was ready to cum… His words triggered my orgasm and I remember saying yes Sir, yes Sir over and over.

Needless to say it was a good night. I’ve realised that I enjoy it immensely when MrH uses me and my body for his own pleasure. It triggers my mental subspace and I melt.

Thank you MrH for last night .. I am yours, always, & I love you Sir xx

the dragonfly sleeve tutorial

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