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The week that was…. Amazing

This week has been amazing.  I mean amazing. Our son went out on Wednesday night and we were able to play at home, we were able to take our usual impact play up a notch.

Then Friday afternoon we went to a hotel.  When we got there we unpacked, put the under bed restraints in place and made a drink. I went to the loo and stripped down to my bra and panties knowing MrH planned for me to be naked but I felt unsure, as I usually do, nervous and excited too, but as MrH hasn’t told me to get undressed I had felt that perhaps I was pushing him to start when he hadn’t issued any instructions.

MrH ushered me over, and said let’s start with your collar. So I went to him. He turned me around and removed my day collar. He placed my night/play collar on and we followed our verbal ritual following this.  He asked me if I remembered my safewords and told me to put some music on to cover my screams. I felt myself getting wet wondering what he had planned. He moved close to me and kissed me, deeply.

He moved my hands behind my back and capturing them in one hand he used to other to touch and tease me. He held me firmly and I melted. I remember he removed my bra and put the nipple clamps on me. I remember he told me to get onto the bed and he secured me to the restraints. He’d removed my panties. I remember he applied lube to my pussy and the wand.

Then….. things get really hazy.

I came quickly, and over and over again. I squirted twice, and he allowed me to suck his cock. I remember crying out when he removed the nipple clamps.

I remember the bloody phone rang 😡

I remember him unfastening my ankle cuffs so he could put his cock in me and keep me cuming with the wand as he also came.

I remember coming round some time later, wrapped in the sheet and snuggled at his side.

We went out for tea and later before bed MrH did some rope work. We really need some more hemp rope….

We didn’t sleep brilliantly, but as nice as the chain we stayed at is, it just doesn’t compare to a premier inn.

We were up early, we had breakfast and came home.  I went to get my hair done at 11 and it’s turned out really well! Better than I thought it would. I already feel more like myself again!!! 😊 Back home we packed ready to go to a friend’s birthday dinner party. It was at a very posh place so we got dressed up.


This is the fireplace and I did get a photo of MrH stood by it.


We had a great time and the food was delicious. We didn’t play because well we were both tired, despite this we didn’t sleep well either so we got up early again, had breakfast and returned home.  We’re now home, tired and oh so content…

I’m already feeling the effects of the week. I feel tearful and shaky so I’m going to be hydrating and snacking, as well as snuggling a lot.

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15 thoughts on “The week that was…. Amazing”

  1. You two seem to have an amazing relationship. I would love to explore the D/s dynamic. I have some natural submissive tendencies but I also have a fair amount of masculine energies which could also mean I would make a good switch. So much to think about. In the mean time, I am really enjoying the stories you wonderful D/s people have been sharing. 😊😊😊😘

            1. It starts with a serious conversation and a hell of a lot of research. He will have to do a lot of work too as if you start down this path there will be a period of intense emotional adjustment and vulnerability. I had a few months of rollercoaster emotions as we explored initially and MrH had to manage me and help me process them.

              So make sure he understands what you’re talking about and is willing to put the work in, being your Dominant isn’t just about getting his own way all the time, it isn’t just about exploring new and exciting things, it’s emotional and challenging too.

              Good luck 😊

  2. You just can’t go wrong with a premier inn can you. You know what you’re getting at a good price. Plus your only going to have kinky sex so who cares where it is. This probably shouldn’t have been the takeaway from this post but i’m glad you had fun ☺.

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