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The house of ill

MrH isn’t well. He has a really nasty cold. He is coughing something rotten and I feel so useless.

MrH is not a “man flu” man. He doesn’t complain. He doesn’t whinge. He keeps to himself and gets on with it. I think he would happily head to a cabin in the middle of nowhere when he is unwell.

I’ve done my best to not hover. I’ve tried to give him space. It’s not easy.

We’re doing a move about of our bedroom and it’s stalled because he’s not well. I’ve done all I feel comfortable doing. But the last step involves drilling the wall and although I can do it, it’s something MrH usually does.

I’m also making some runners for the bedside drawers that we can put our phones/glasses in…


I’ve done the one for MrH and tomorrow I will do the one for my side. I’ve even used one of the decorative stitches on the sewing machine along the top edges of the pockets. I’m pleased with how it’s turned out.

As the day has gone on, MrH has started to feel a little better and my throat is starting to hurt. I really don’t want to be ill.

It’s been 21 days since MrH permitted me to orgasm. And whereas I was horny and needy now I’m slipping towards feeling unwanted.

Yes I know MrH isn’t well…. yes I know I had some cysts that prevented play… yes I know it’s not rational…. did I say it was???? No. But this blog is not about selling my life or me as being perfect! This is me with all my neurotic baggage.

So, he’s poorly – I’m not sparkling, but I want to get the bedroom move done because Sir wants more space to play, and I want everything to be ready for when he does want me.

I have no idea what we will get done tomorrow. It will depend on how we all are I guess….

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17 thoughts on “The house of ill”

  1. I feel you. We’ve been passing around a cold and cough, Master has been coughing horribly and he is not a complainer at all. Still goes and does physical work but I’m like you, I want to hover and take care of him. And the drs have discovered some cysts on my ovaries that have been causing some painful, not so fun playtime. I want him so badly and want to please him so badly but somedays the pain is just too much. He’s so understanding and caring which makes me feel even worse mentally.
    Here’s to hoping we are all on the mend soon!
    Those runners are great! And love the decorative stitching!

    1. Have the drs offered you any treatment plans for the cysts? I sympathise completely….. I get ovulation pains (in your average person a cyst forms and busts to release the egg and this is usually painless) for me I get pains lasting a few hours around it. At one point even though I’d been sterilised they put me on the pill to try and stop the pains but I didn’t like it. Now I just endure it and thankfully it isn’t long. But I know sometimes around that time sex in certain positions is unbelievably painful. I hope your Dr is taking it seriously and if not push them for some plan!!!

      I’m really pleased with the runners …. now I just have to make another!!!

      1. The drs plan is for me to see another Dr. I am to have more imaging studies done and then to see a gynecologist. Which in my little rural town is not till February! But I will not wait that long to find relief! So I am on the search for one in surrounding states that I can hopefully get into sooner. While I pray for the pain to subside even just a little bit! I wish a Dr would tell me I can have a hysterectomy! My body has never worked properly so they could’ve come out 20 years ago and probably saved me a lot of issues!!

        Have fun with the sewing! And you and Sir can connect soon!! 😉😉😉

  2. Oh no! I’m so sorry he’s ill and you’ve had health complications. 🙁 Sounds like the perfect storm to keep you guys from enjoying any play time. I’m sending some positive vibes that things get back to normal soon.

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