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The bump, the smack and the “O”

Sounds like the title to a children’s book doesn’t it? Well actually it just about sums up last Friday.

It started with a car accident… well incident they say now don’t they? Some PC crap gone mental… but in this case it was an accident. Someone reversed into my car. Everyone seemed ok just damage to the cars. So onto work I went.

My day progressed as normal, plenty of sweet drinks and then mid afternoon I came over funny. My colleague says I just went pale suddenly.

So I left work early and headed home.

Once home my Good Friend Lady Chamoix sent me to bed (there’s no other way to describe it 😂) and to my surprise I slept. MrH woke me up when he got home.

We were planning to take our son out for a meal to celebrate his exam results. But I really didn’t feel up to it, so we ordered takeaway. The two boys then went out to the pub.

I asked MrH if he’d help me relax. And he got the flogger out. Between his strikes with the flogger and his hand my mind and body calmed and relaxed. The flogging/spanking finished MrH then ordered me in his no nonsense voice to go run his bath.

I think I’ve said a few times how much serving MrH feeds my submissive mental space.

Having my mind quiet, running his bath, shaving my legs as he wants me to, getting his drinks really helps me.

When the bath was ready he told me to get a toy out and have an orgasm. At first I argued, whining, I wanted him to play with me, masturbating isn’t as satisfying… he looked at me calmly and said, “perhaps you should just do as you are told?”

My tummy clenched. The little twist it does when he’s “got his Dom on”. He may not realise he does it. He has just a subtle change in his tone and posture. He goes from asking to telling.

I nodded. Apologised and said “yes Sir.”

I got the mini wand out and I did as I was told. It was, to my surprise a satisfying “O”. I think maybe because I was following orders, in my head it was for him as much as me, I felt I needed to make him happy by doing a good job. Sounds so odd when I write it…


His bath complete we snuggled and I chatted to my friend. And at 10pm we turned off the lights to sleep.

It’s now Sunday. I didn’t post the above in Friday as I intended.

I’ve spent the weekend sewing and I’ve made 2 skirts (one just needs the hand sewing doing). I’m pretty pleased with them. Tomorrow, as it’s bank holiday Monday, I’m going to try and make a 3rd.

This is the one I have finished…


It’s even got pockets!!

I’m now in bed waiting for MrH to finish his bath and join me for TV and snuggle time.

I would love to be able to say “please Sir, use me, fuck me, make me yours.” I desperately want to feel him on me and in me. But I know I won’t. I can’t because if he says no I feel rejected and not wanted, even though I know that’s not the case, my fragile self esteem wavers….

Instead I will say nothing and hope that he wants to use me, or play with me. That he wants to tease me and feel my body surrender to him. That he wants to allow me to drift away into that wonderful state where my mind and body are not aware of anything but his touch and the orgasms blend together so they seem never ending….

I don’t want much do I? Haha

8 thoughts on “The bump, the smack and the “O””

    1. Lady Chamoix is a Domme I have become friends with. She is an amazing lady, and she can be found on Fetlife. I recently met her slave and he’s also so nice. LC, and her husband Baron White Tie have welcomed us into their circle and have introduced us to others at the Munches. I wrote some more about them in my post about our first event.

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