The kinky side of life.

Take me, own me, use me.

I’ve been very naughty recently.  The rules MrH set me at the start of the year have lapsed.  I guess some of you will say that MrH is to blame, that he should have been enforcing the rules. But in reality he decided to allow them to lapse.  I was stressed and struggling with outside forces (work – settling into a new job) and he decided that for a while he wasn’t going to have me thinking I was letting him down too, by punishing me.

But those outside forces have settled and it’s time to have those rules back. In fact I think I’m ready for him to demand more of me. I hope he’s ready too. I’ve told him I am grateful he has been understanding and that when he feels it’s right I am prepared to have him take control of these things again.

MrH responded by email. This is how we set rules. Things are done in writing so we have formal acceptance of them.

He told me that once again I was to ask permission to use my 15 syns a day. If I didn’t ask I would be punished.

He also reminded me I am not to buy things without permission. Originally this was limited to eBay and Amazon. He has closed the loophole I wiggled through and has simply said anything. Darn it he’s clever!

Ever since I got this email I have been buzzing. So aroused it’s surprised me. I can only assume that him taking back control along with the new realisation that my submissive mental state has stepped up a notch has created this shift.

Last night I asked, well begged would be more accurate, to be allowed to cum, during play. As soon as he said yes the orgasm that had felt elusive exploded.

Watching MrH get ready for work my body went into overdrive. My pussy was wet, swollen, throbbing – I could have cried with need when he kissed me goodbye.

I wanted a way to show him my need for him, how much I wanted his touch and decided to make MrH a video. I got out the new toy, a mains powered massage wand, and I told him how it felt. I don’t usually speak. I did manage an orgasm (2 actually and one was a squirty one). Making the video and knowing I was making it for him not me, changed the focus. This wasn’t for me, it was his sweetgirl for his entertainment and it felt super hot.

As difficult as I had found the 30dayorgasmfun this felt completely different, not forced or fake, authentic. I wanted to do it for him. I think the only thing that would have made it even easier would have been either MrH asking me to do it, or him being there to film it himself – especially if he could add directorial instructions 😉. I hope it goes without saying that I simply cannot wait for MrH to be incharge of the wand that may have to be named the magic wand 🤔 😁

Of course I sent it to him as soon as I arrived at work (after asking if he has his headphones in). He thanked me for the video.

I do love being able to make MrH happy.

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