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Tell Me About: Labels

Labels are, I think, part of life that we can’t escape. In fact, I would go so far as to say that labels form an essential function in our ability to communicate with each other, and to learn other languages. They provide a way to share meaningful experiences and history through the telling of stories. Labels aid Communication. In short, if we didn’t have labels we would not be able to communicate. The formation of common languages was made possible because we accepted the labels assigned to objects and people. These labels then allowed us to learn other languages because

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Cane Me.

I have a few different ways of dealing with stress, I have a tendency to withdraw, to shut down, to become quiet. Add the isolation of our current situation and I think one of the reasons I havent written much recently is that I write about the things I do and find interesting, and let’s be honest, I spend all day laid in bed looking out of the window, with the same view. The only thing that settles my mind is knowing that Mr. H is here, and my regular impact sessions with the cane. Cane. At least once a

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Tell Me About: Control

Within a D/s relationship with a power exchange like ours, control is just an illusion.  We have agreed rules and boundaries; Mr H works within those boundaries.  To the outside world, it looks like Mr H has all the power because he makes the decisions.  And, that is where the illusion lies, because I have the power to veto anything I don’t want to do by using a safeword, or by calling the whole agreement off. It begins with a conversation. When we started our journey we sat down and talked, and talked, and then we talked some more.  We

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Tell Me About: Training

Training is something that is definitely prevalent in D/s fiction and I admit to enjoying the Brie series of books by Red Phoenix which chronicles Brie’s journey through a submissive training school.  I have no problem with training in fiction, however, I do have some issues with the concept of training in real life. Why would one person wish to fundamentally change another? I asked MrH to add D/s to our relationship we came to a mutual agreement about the way that would be put into place.  MrH didn’t train me.  I read a lot of blogs and twitter accounts, and it

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Tell Me About: Scenes

My dear friend and fellow submissive wife Submissy wrote an excellent post about what constitutes a scene and where the terminology comes from, and so I don’t want to repeat the same information, she expresses this so well I would prefer to direct you to her post.  Instead I am going to focus on my experiences of scenes with Mr H. Our time constraints mean our scenes do not last for hours at a time, in fact I’ve never timed them so I couldn’t say for sure and when we play I am not exactly watching the clock… We have

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Tell Me About: FrienD/s

Since we began our D/s journey Mr H and I have made some amazing friends. We have met some in real life, some we will likely never meet due to the logistics (they live abroad), and some, who we hope to meet at next years Eroticon. I think, like most we initially chatted to people online. Mr H chose communities for us to join, Fetlife was the first he asked me about. Let me explain. I suggested adding BDSM to our relationship and then I let him run with it. I did not do any research. Well very little. I

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Tell Me About: Public Play

Public play isn’t something we have done, but we’ve spoken about it. We went to an event (of sorts) and watched our good friend administer a flogging to her slave. It was interesting to watch. Sexy Public Play Initially when we first went to The Townhouse I was intrigued by all the equipment. There’s a sex swing in the BDSM room that I would like MrH to fuck me in. There’s a medical chair that he could secure me in and then play with me, and that too is something I think I would like. The BDSM room is one

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Tell Me About: Collars and Cuffs

This is something that I have written about before, my collars I mean, and I say collars because I have a few. My first post dedicated to them, collars and chains discussed the basics and why we decided to use them. Since then I’ve posted about new collars made and these have been relatively brief, but I think I have talked about the symbolic value of my chains and collars in a number of posts, and I will try not to repeat myself too much. In the beginning When we talked about adding D/s into our relationship and how that

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Tell Me About: The Power Exchange

The power exchange between MrH and myself is at the core of what we do.  When we started D/s and I asked MrH to take control I didn’t realise how much it would change our lives. I definitely didn’t realise how much better our lives would become. What was it like before? Before, I tried to control every aspect of our lives.  Where we went out to (when we went out). What we bought.  When we had sex.  The only thing in our day to day lives that MrH really controlled was what we watched on TV, and even then

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Tell Me About: Erotic Humiliation

When this prompt on Erotic Humiliation first started I told Missy I didn’t think I’d have anything to contribute as it’s not something we’ve done. But- As I’ve read the wonderful submissions I have come to realise that it is an area that I do get off on, I just didn’t realise it had a name. I kinda just thought it was talking dirty. Blushes When I ask MrH if he will fuck me, or try to ask him to play with me anally (I’ve only once managed the whole sentence – usually he takes pity on me and says

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