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You won’t break me

I am precious, cherished, loved.  Mr H controls his strength and holds back afraid to break me, most of the time.  Last year we experimented

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A Dirty Treat - Spanked

A dirty Treat

I never know what Mr H plans when we play, he has control of that, but this time he pulled out all the stops, spanking

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Tell me your plan

It has been very difficult this week.  I am horny.  I have been for a few days.  Weeks.  Last weekend MrH had me suck his

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Are you sure?

In my last post  Rescue Me I said I had wanted to ask MrH to spank me 10 times as hard as he could but

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The guide to me

I placed the letter into the envelope on the side of his bed. He had told me to write him a list of instructions, a

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waiting to be caned submissive wife

What was that?

We stayed at a hotel on Tuesday night, which I may have mentioned in my earlier posts, so we could go to the munch without

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I’m going out….

Our son went out last night.  MrH was in the bath when he made the announcement, so we had no plans.   Thursday night we had our

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Gone too quick

I’ve often wondered why the weekends seem to fly by when the working week can seem never ending…. this weekend is set to be one

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Foot works

Today MrH said it would be a rest day. “We have no deadlines,” he said, “so rest. I have things to do and you can

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I’m in heaven…..Seriously. We got home 6 hours ago (it’s now 16:15) and I’m still floating on a high. The crash will not be pretty.

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