The kinky side of life.


Can’t quite put my finger on it…..

But I don’t feel right.  I usually feel calm and content. But instead I feel sad, disconnected, distant.  Although S1 headed off to London and we “in theory” had our old routines back things just don’t feel right. That’s not to say MrH and I haven’t played because we have. We

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Our holiday- continued.

The story so far….  (see part one) Having been stripped naked, Mr H ordered me to suck his cock maintaining eye contact (a new challenge) before sending me to the bedroom and telling me to spread my ass cheeks.  And now the conclusion… Sir had decided on some anal play, and he

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I was instructed, when I left the interview to send a message to Mr H. His reply instructed me to check my email. Sure enough there was an email from him telling me to head home and when I got home I had instructions to follow. MrH had put out

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If you recall from the last post Let the games begin, Mr H watched me masturbate, then fucked my pussy for a while. He then had me kneel on the floor so he could fuck my face. I was using the vibrator on myself and climaxed again while he did

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Let the games begin

I was instructed to dress in specific clothes and be stood in inspection facing away from the door….. Mr H opened the bedroom door, smiled and said, “let the games begin.” MrH had fun taking pictures….. and a few wardrobe changes were required. Games Begin. After MrH had taken some

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