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You better not be late

Timekeeping is very important to Mr H, he hates to be late.  I hate being late too but I am also easily distracted and so I quite often run late.  With the change in our dynamic I know when I message him to say “running late” I am making him unhappy. What if one day he said, “you better not be late or there will be consequences,” would that mean I got a spanking? I guess a girl can hope. I love it when he uses his Dom voice.  Just the other day we were talking and I almost rolled

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Tell Me About: Mindset

Being in the wrong mindset can ruin a carefully planned scene, and it is as important, for the Dom, as the sub to be in the right frame of mind.  If either one of us isn’t feeling it then the chances are it either won’t work out, or it will take a lot of effort to make it work.  So, I guess the important questions is: Mindset, what makes it, what breaks it? There are a lot of ways that my state of mind can affect play; more to the point, ruin play.  If I am distracted by sounds like

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A dirty Treat

I never know what Mr H plans when we play, he has control of that, but this time he pulled out all the stops, spanking and anal, all the things I love. A spanking. He tucked my hair behind my left ear and his hand trailed down my neck to my breast and pinched my nipple. I gasped at the unexpected pain and I looked up at him.  His other hand reached for my other nipple and he squeezed that one too – hard.  The pain was exquisite, as he tugged on my nipples my pussy reacted, my clit swelled,

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Tell Me About: Fantasies

When we entered into a D/s relationship, MrH and I talked about our fantasies and it opened up a whole world of sexual play that had been previously unexplored.   In our early years I purchased a number of traditional dress up items.  A French Maids outfit and a PVC dress were worn with stockings to great effect and MrH’s delight, but having worn them once, having seen them once, MrH would always decline when I asked if he wished me to wear them again.  I have not purchased any sexy clothing since because he always says he prefers me naked

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Tell Me About: Resets

A reset is used to draw a line under a period of time and start fresh. In terms of our D/s this usually means a lapse in following the rules, and / or a drop in mind sets. With the recent health challenges we were in need of a reset and Mr H used our go to method, a spanking, to achieve it. Resets. I had shifted myself to stretch my back a little and I was on my hands and elbows and my behind was next to MrH.  Without warning he pulled down my pyjama bottoms and spanked me.

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hard spank

Spank Me Hard

In my last post  Rescue Me I said I had wanted to ask Mr H to spank me 10 times as hard as he could but I chickened out.  Of course putting it in my post meant I could bring it up for discussion, without saying it out loud (a tactic I use when I am particularly embarrassed or ashamed of my requests). When we did discuss it, Mr H responded that he just wasn’t sure. Then later, after his bath, he asked “So, you want me to smack you 5 times as hard as I can?” I frowned, “I

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Red is the colour of my beautiful shoes. Red, (and black of course), are the colours of my new anniversary lingerie set, and the set in the featured image. Red is for passion and danger, so it fits that it is used as a safeword by many practitioners of BDSM. Red. My final safeword. The stop word. I think I’ve used it, two or three times. I tend to use yellow, which signals that I am nearing my limit more often than not. This is my way of telling him that I need a moment, and allows him to decide

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Spanked at last

S2 went out last night. Not something we were expecting but fortuitous as Thursday night I had asked MrH if I could book an orgasm (or 2 or 3) for Friday and Saturday nights. MrH of course pointed out I was greedy but he was also laughing. Early evening I asked if he planned to play and was answered in the affirmative. Chat night During our chat on Wednesday MrH asked me about oral sex, specifically what he does that I like and dislike. My toes curled and my tummy twisted as I get uncomfortable answering these questions. I don’t

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Kinky Hotel Fun 10 July 19

We stayed at a hotel on Tuesday night, which I may have mentioned in my earlier posts, so we could go to the munch without having to drive home afterwards, and because it was MrH birthday on the Wednesday.. Hotel fuckery As a rule that means we get to have some seriously uninhibited play because we don’t have to worry about our son hearing us. I don’t just mean those noises you make when you’re enjoying yourself, I also mean the sound of MrH’s hand spanking my bottom. MrH arrived home first and he had packed a bag with some

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Tell Me About: Spanking

Spanking was one of the first things I put onto my “Hell Yes” list when we began exploring BDSM. I didn’t do a whole lot of research, naively thinking I had a good understanding of the subject! Oh how little I knew!!!! Thankfully MrH did do research. Unbeknownst to me, a lot of research. He found websites and forums, and brought them to my attention. In his post A New Dom’s Tale he talks about the first 6 months and his experience and his thoughts on early spankings too. We have a number of spanking tools (crop, paddle, floggers. a

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