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Touch My Soul

The prompt for Sinful Sunday is Shadows, and I am looking forward to seeing what people come up with.  I knew what I wanted to

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submissive wife bondage


My arms twisted behind my back, are secured with rope, that winds around my body. I’m dazed, relaxed, swaying slightly with each breath, lost in

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A Whole Library

The food for thought prompt this week is one book.  Choose one book…. And, for me that is simply impossible!  I have so many books

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Showered in love

I am feeling a little emotional today, I’m not sure why, tired perhaps, or in need of something to send me to subspace, rope or

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Orgasmic flush

MrH decided tonight we would play.  I got ready, shaved and so on, only to find out when MrH came upstairs that he had planned

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Love Me True Bodysuit

MrH allowed me to order this gorgeous Love Me True bodysuit from my favourite Ann Summers dealer @theknickerfairy for my birthday and I LOVE it…

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Do as you are told

“I think it’s time you sucked my penis” MrH said.  He had turned the TV off and was laid naked on the bed.  I moved

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I didn’t think I had anything suitable for the prompt this month “doors” , and then I thought to ask MrH if he had taken

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Shadow of you

She slipped silently into the room, careful not to wake him. He slept soundly, on his side of the bed, and she carefully slid between

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Pretty in pink?

The prompt is pink but I don’t have any bright pink underwear, I have pale pink but instead I decided to have a play with

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