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setting limits


I wonder….?

I am a naturally curious person.  I have always wanted to know how machines work, and what makes people act the way they do.  My mum says that as soon as I learned to ask “why?” she didn’t get a moments peace, never satisfied with her answers, I would ask “but why?” over and over again.  My curiosity got me into trouble more than once too, when my impulsivity meant I had not thought about the possible consequences.  It was this curiosity that led me to ask Mr H in 2017 if he would try dominating me during sex and

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Journal Entry: Wednesday Night Chat 14th August 2018

We sometimes struggle to find topics to talk about, and rather than cancel I found an online kink questionnaire and we decided to go through it and see how our answers differed and what we shared an interest in. It isn’t the first time we have done these, in fact I think we have now done three or four of them.  Usually I answer them and Mr H reads them, nodding or shaking his head. This time I sent him the link and we read them together both giving our answers.  I wanted to know where his interests lay without

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Blogging from A2Z 2019: Limits

Limits are something that every person entering into a D/s relationship needs to clearly establish. We all have them. There are generally accepted to be 2 types, soft limits and hard limits. I once read a submissive having said “I submit completely I have no hard limits I will do anything.” When the Dominant asked her to shave all her hair off she said “no” He of course then pointed out that this was in fact a limit, something she wouldn’t do, and we all have those lines we won’t cross. Now, for those, like MrH and myself who have

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MrH’s take on us and our journey so far..

MrH was asked by Missy [fellow blogger and hostess at The Safeword Club] to write about his experiences a a Dominant in the first 6 months of our journey. Initially he decided not to but after a bit of thought he decided to. You can read his wonderful words by following this link: New Dom’s Tale I hope you enjoy it! Have you read about how our journey began? Click HERE to read it now.

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Setting limits

As our journey began Mr H and I discussed many things. What did we want from D/s? Should we have a contract? Could we make it 24/7? What should we call each other? What are our limits? I will post about each of these but today I am reflecting on the latter; what are the limits. We agreed to talk about limits but I had no idea what he might be wanting to explore and so I didn’t know really how to begin. I’d dithered over the concept that if I am the sub was it my place to even

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