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MrH’s take on us and our journey so far..

MrH was asked by Missy [fellow blogger and hostess at The Safeword Club] to write about his experiences a a Dominant in the first 6 months of our journey. Initially he decided not to but after a bit of thought he decided to. You can read his wonderful words by

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Sub Drop

I am experiencing sub-drop and Mr H is taking good care of me. He is always my protector, looking out for me, and taking care of me, so after our hotel stay we knew sub drop would be a possibility and have been watchful for it to hit. One of

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For Furcissy – Questions Answered..

So the wonderful Furcissy nominated me as part of his Liebster Award Nomination for which I am very grateful and flattered. I don’t actually know anything about it and so rather than ‘accept’ I am going to answer the questions that he set, but no more (also I have no

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Rear View

“Objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are,” Meatloaf sang these words and this morning it got me thinking, as you kissed me and got out of the car. You opened the back passenger door to get your bag, wished me a good day and left.

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Reflecting – on the last 24 hours

We’re back home and we’re both feeling tired. I’m laid at his side on the sofa, he has his arms around me. I’m so mellow at the moment and yet high at the same time, I’m probably not making much sense. Or maybe you understand completely. I imagine coming down

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If you recall from the last post Let the games begin, Mr H watched me masturbate, then fucked my pussy for a while. He then had me kneel on the floor so he could fuck my face. I was using the vibrator on myself and climaxed again while he did

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I am yours – A Lesson.

* #Submissive Fiction * #Erotica * #Flash Fiction * As usual Mr H is home before me. I can see the light in the living room has been turned on and a shadow moving inside. I pull the car onto the driveway and turn off the engine. My heart is

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I love it

I don’t profess to be a professional writer of poetry but sometimes I get these rhymes that buzz around in my head almost demanding to be written down, and this was one that happened about Mr H when our D/s was new.  I hope you like it, my Ode to

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Running a tight ship

During a light hearted online group discussion yesterday I typed ‘rolls eyes’ in response to a comment by one of the Dom’s (who from here on I will refer to as MrX because using Dom all the time reads quite aggressively). Now MrX is aware that Mr H has forbidden

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challenging authority

I must not question

I have this bad habit of questioning Mr H’s decisions. Not during a scene – but in our everyday lives, and in doing so I am challenging his authority over and over again.  Let me give you an example.. Challenging Authority On Monday it was frosty and we have 1

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