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A Little Respect.

Respect is, in my opinion, one of the cornerstones required for any relationship, not just a D/s one, but how we show that respect can be different from person to person.  If an outsider looked in on Mr H and I in the middle of a D/s play session they may feel he shows me no respect at all, for what husband with respect for his wife would call her his slut or whore? Well, one who knows that in the right context these words turn her on, I suppose, and so as always I will apply the caveat, that

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Tell Me About: Consent

Consent in D/s relationships is essential.  When a couple first begins this type of relationship it begins with communication.  Communicating their interests and desires, their likes and dislikes, what they are willing to try and what they are not; consent is formed through these discussions. When Mr H and I began this journey I asked him to consider ‘doing that’ to me.  The ‘that’ I referred to was a scene from Fifty Shades of Gray, in all honesty I forget which one, but the point is in that moment I gave Mr H consent to try it. Implied Consent? As

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Tell Me About: Trust

Normally I wouldn’t use the phrase “must” or “should” in relation to BDSM. Normally I would say do what works for you. But, in this one thing I am going to. In my opinion you cannot and should not be in any form of BDSM relationship without Trust. Whether it’s Bondage, Discipline, Dominance and submission, Sadism or Masochism, every aspect requires Trust. The Basics In the beginning, I believed MrH and I Trusted each other. I opened the door to D/s and that Trust was tested and explored more thoroughly than ever. I asked MrH questions I had always been

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Journal entry 24th October 2018

They cancelled my hospital admission. I was supposed to be having the second procedure done in my spine on Monday… by today I would have been feeling better… by Friday I would have been, dare I say, finally pain free. At least my back wouldn’t be hurting. Instead I am waiting for them to call me with a new admission date. Yesterday MrH told our son he had been looking forward to taking me to the cinema when my back was not painful. I wanted to cry. You know why? Because “he wants to take me out“. Even in the

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Our holiday- continued.

The story so far….  (see part one) Having been stripped naked, Mr H ordered me to suck his cock maintaining eye contact (a new challenge) before sending me to the bedroom and telling me to spread my ass cheeks.  And now the conclusion… Sir had decided on some anal play, and he applied lots of lube and inserted a butt toy.. at this point I had no idea which one. It was our new toy… There is an image of it in the slideshow below. Anal treat. I was then ordered onto the bed face up. He then placed a blindfold on

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One year …..

One year ago today I asked MrH to consider adding elements of BDSM to our relationship; primarily D/s. One year ago today MrH turned off the lights, spread my arms and legs and said, “don’t move“. One year ago today I had the most amazing sexual experience that I could remember to that point. (It must be pointed out that in the following months there have been many many amazing experiences, MrH is very creative, and while this night is a special memory because it marks the point of change, it no longer holds the title of most amazing experience).

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Hotel stay – debrief

We have started making time to discuss play, not a massive deal no one has to write a report or complete a ‘feedback sheet’ but a snuggle with questions and answers. So, Saturday morning at the hotel, as we lay in bed with our coffee too hot to drink, I snuggled into MrH’s side “Did you enjoy last night Sir? I asked. “I did very much Sweetgirl,” he replied. “Did you?” “Yes Sir.” I smiled. “Is there anything you didn’t like or wouldn’t want to do again?” He asked “Well,” I hesitated a little. I’m always afraid of sounding negative or

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Home again.

We’re home from a wonderful stay in our favourite hotel, and as always when we pulled off the motorway there was that moment of “back to reality” sadness. We’ve been productive today though, washing the motorbikes, cleaning their chains and lubing them back up. They are both clean and sparking ready for the week ahead. But, my followers I know this is not what you’re interested in. Oh no – you want the juicy details of our debaucherous night….. We arrived and headed for the room. As you know MrH had already said that we would begin with inspection and

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MrH sent me a brief email with instructions for today: Hello sweetgirl. 1. This weekend before play starts you will be inspected. You will ensure you are smooth shaven and clean. Your hair in a plait. 2. There will be some.photos taken (possibly videos) so make sure you pack accordingly(body stockings. Suspenders and such like). If there are particular photos you would like let me know. 3. Ensure all equipment is charged/batteries available. 4. For our evening meal you will need a dress or skirt. We leave at 1pm, I will be showering and shaving momentarily. I’ve already douched so

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Reflections on HisLordship’s post Dominance up close and personal – day 8

In his post today my Dominance up close and personal in 20 days – daysolicitous. 8 HisLordship discussed communication, and how he and Missy talk each Saturday morning. They make that effort and he notes how he has become more verbose in discussing his emotions and thoughts. This got me thinking….. When was the last time MrH and I “talked” about our D/s? In depth. Two way. And I’m struggling to remember a time when it wasn’t a question I’d raised, that was simply answered. In the beginning we talked about what was ok to do and what was not

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