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I love being a girl.

I love being a girl, I’ve never wanted to be anything else and I know that makes me lucky.  I have never known the emotional struggle of not feeling comfortable in my own body, of having to make others understand that my gender identity is not the one I was assigned at birth.  I know nothing of it.  How could I?  It’s not something I have experienced.  My brother is gay and our parents were extremely and openly homophobic. We hated it, but given my stepfathers abuse it wasn’t easy to speak out when I lived at home.  After I

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Kinky Hotel Fun 10 July 19

We stayed at a hotel on Tuesday night, which I may have mentioned in my earlier posts, so we could go to the munch without having to drive home afterwards, and because it was MrH birthday on the Wednesday.. Hotel fuckery As a rule that means we get to have some seriously uninhibited play because we don’t have to worry about our son hearing us. I don’t just mean those noises you make when you’re enjoying yourself, I also mean the sound of MrH’s hand spanking my bottom. MrH arrived home first and he had packed a bag with some

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Munch and Musings

We have been to the munches a few times, although this year we have not been to many. A lot of that is to do with the distance (it’s a 50 minute drive) and the fact that it’s on a work night (Tuesdays). By the time we get home from work, eat, and drive to the munch we’re tired and have been on the go since 6am. Add to that staying for a few hours, which we want to do as we enjoy it, and heading home, it can be past midnight when we get home. We get up at

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Our first munch

On Tuesday we went to our first Munch that is held at a local BDSM / swingers club The Townhouse. It takes us 50 minutes to drive there and we were both nervous, uncertain what to expect. Arriving at the munch. We arrived and met with some friends who took us in and introduced us. This is one of the better ways to goto a munch, as the people there know you are serious about the lifestyle, and understand how the members value confidentiality. The club owner Lady C, asked us for a £10 deposit when we arrived. We showed

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