The kinky side of life.



Not the food, the singer.  I love a power ballad, and Meatloaf is very good at them.  Of course “I would do anything for Love- but I won’t do that” is the song most people think of when you say Meatloaf, in fact I read somewhere (probably twitter) that Meatloaf

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You don’t want me to stop do you?

MrH got the Doxy out, and I got out of bed and went to the loo.  It’s not sexy I know but I always pee before sex, (real life right?!) and part of my worry over squirting is that although I have read the studies that say it’s not pee

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Kiss me

When Mr H kisses me, deliberately, thoughtfully, I go weak at the knees.  Sometimes we exchange the familiar daily kiss, and they have their own magic, but when he takes his time, hmmm those are the special erotic ones. The way he makes me feel. Sometimes, he will stroke my

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Sex reconnects us

I feel like there hasn’t been much sex in my blog lately. Well I know there hasn’t. Our fabulous life that I imagined when the children had flown the nest hasn’t materialised yet, in fact, our dynamic feels like it is in need of a kick up the arse. In

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changing plans

Best Laid Plans

Our plans for this week originally began with 2 nights away at our favourite hotel. Those two nights would have been filled with sex and rope and impact play. We would have dined in the restaurant, loved each other and laughed in a bubble. Instead we moved T and J

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She’s so lucky

MrH said to me last night, you never know your luck, we have a lottery ticket. I replied, “I used up all my luck when I met you,” and I meant it. Once upon a time, my life was dull. I was a good girl and I felt like Cinderella,

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Happy birthday MrH

It’s MrH birthday today and if you read my post Conundrum you’ll know I wanted to buy him a surprise gift and didn’t know if I would manage to keep the secret….. Well I did. Although I was like a kid on Christmas Eve yesterday trying to persuade him to

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Sinful Sunday?

Hardly.  We stayed at a friends house last night to keep her cat company. She has just moved house and her cat is elderly, so we offered to go stay rather than stress her out at a cattery. We took our fire stick and used my phones WiFi hotspot to

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I’m sorry

MrH reads my posts. This is my journal after all and one of its functions is to give him insight into my tangled thoughts. Especially the ones where I haven’t been able to articulate them to him in person. Reading my mind My two recent posts Horny as Hell and

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Tell Me About: Trust

Normally I wouldn’t use the phrase “must” or “should” in relation to BDSM. Normally I would say do what works for you. But, in this one thing I am going to. In my opinion you cannot and should not be in any form of BDSM relationship without Trust. Whether it’s

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