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Taz the tasmanian devil

Taz, the Tasmanian Devil.

I watched cartoons a lot as a child, I mean, a lot. My youngest sibling was born when I was a few months away from 10 and he became my real life doll. I spent hours entertaining and supervising him when my mum had driving lessons, or when my parents went out, but the character I always identified with most was Taz the Tasmanian Devil. He would spin onto screen destroying everything in his path and no one seemed to understand a word he said. He puts the Taz in Tasmania. I was a messy child, I complain that my

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Fate brought us together

There’s no fate but what we make.

Yes I know this quote about fate is blatantly stolen from The Terminator and often quoted but it isn’t really something I believe. I have written before about how I believe our lifes are mapped out and that in many ways free will is an illusion. When we make a choice we were always ment to make it, to take that path. Fate – you can’t escape it. If we accept this to be true, that our lives follow a predetermined path, who then determines it? Some would say God I suppose, and others the universe. I’m not sure I

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Protected Heart.

Brigit has a monthly prompt for poetry and I wanted to join in, but the thing is, I don’t think I am very good at it, so I put it off. For the last few months there has been a poetry form called Haiku. A form of Japanese poetry, Haiku traditionally comprises of 3 lines and 17 syllables. The lines have 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively. It is not a form I have tried before but as you may have realised from yesterday’s education post, and the learning about photography post I am trying new things lately. Speaking of

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A Twist of Fate.

In the summer of 1995 I attended the summer fair at my younger brothers primary school. I was there with my friend (I will call her Peggy), who was my ex husbands cousins girlfriend, and our two children were born 6 weeks apart. In a bizarre twist we only become friends after my marriage ended, because she had thought me stuck up. This impression came from the fact that my ex husband would not allow me to talk to anyone; according to him when I spoke I embarrassed him. Truthfully I did show him up. When I spoke it was

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In these Arms.

“If you were in these arms..” Bon Jovi’s voice sings as Mr H pulls my body against his; his arms securing me to him possessively, protectively, and he whispers in my ear “I love you, I’ll please you, I tell you that I’ll never leave you.”  Ok so there is come artistic licence in there, but I appreciate his effort.  He knows how I am struggling again with the nightmares, and when he hugs me to him like this it always settles any anxiety I have. Baby can I hold you? A hug can, in my opinion, convey many emotions,

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This is Me.

This week Wicked Wednesday is asking ‘what keeps you going? What do you believe in? I believe in me and I believe in Mr H. But mostly it is Hope. Hope keeps me going. I hope that my boys will find their way, hope that my back pain will one day be if not gone all together, be reduced enough that I can live a normal life, and hope that someday we will all exist without the need to hurt each other. I believe in Love. Love is the thing which holds me together. My love for Mr H and

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Lean on Me.

Codependency is often seen as a negative thing, where one person enables another to bad behaviour or habits, and there is definitely evidence to support this. But I believe that it is possible for codependence to be something positive too. There is a tendency to take a word and give it just one meaning, to reject any other interpretation in favour of it. Submissy has written a brilliant post on how to spot the things that would mean your relationship is unhealthy, and I urge you to read it. My focus today is on how I believe that within a

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What is Love?

What is Love? What is Romance? Two questions that defy a simple answer for every single person has their own concept of them. How I define them would be entirely different to how you do, because they are subjective things. So, with that in mind, I can only really try to explain what they mean to me. Is this Love? Somewhere near the beginning of a new relationship I think we all ask ourselves this question, is this love? Song writers have certainly been able to forge a living off that uncertainty anyway. When I met Mr H I was

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You make me

When I saw the prompt for Wicked Wednesday I knew exactly what to write in order to answer the question, “who helps you to be the better version of yourself, only because they are in your life? Who strengthens you, motivates you, supports you, knows you like no one else?” The answer for me is quite simple, Mr H. He makes me. From the moment he came into my life in 1995 he changed my world. I fell head over heels in love although it took me over 12 months to admit it to myself, or him. we were married

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Peeking under the covers

I am a little pervert, I will admit that. Whenever I can I sneak a peek at Mr H’s body; when he gets dressed or undressed, when he is in bed. I wake up on and off during the night, because of the pain and when I get back in bed I will reach out for him. Touching him relaxes me, even if it is just his arm. Sometimes I will peek under the covers at his bottom and last night I took a couple of pictures. Cheeky peek. He may complain about my pervy nature but I know he

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