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If I loose 10lbs I can have my belly pierced again… That’s what MrH told me today.  He called it an incentive. I’m 1 stone 10lbs above my target weight so I think he’s, is being kind not making me loose it all. Having said that, I am very aware I will have to be strict with myself to achieve the 10 lbs loss… So, my food diary is back on my phone. I’ve got the syn value of the usual things saved, and I have a reward to look forward to.. Then the only thing left to pick will be

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Tell Me About: Public Play

Public play isn’t something we have done, but we’ve spoken about it. We went to an event (of sorts) and watched our good friend administer a flogging to her slave. It was interesting to watch. Sexy Public Play Initially when we first went to The Townhouse I was intrigued by all the equipment. There’s a sex swing in the BDSM room that I would like MrH to fuck me in. There’s a medical chair that he could secure me in and then play with me, and that too is something I think I would like. The BDSM room is one

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Why’d y’ have to go and make things so complicated?

I think all relationships have complications. Some may be insurmountable and the relationships end, others less so and the relationship adapts or compromises are made. [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NPBIwQyPWE[/embedyt] I am going to speak in general terms here for a moment and so please bear with me, I know not every young person is the same. I believe when we are young we are less likely to consider compromise as a way to solve a complication in a relationship. I think when we are young we think in terms of black and white, ignoring the shades of grey in between. As we

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Hide behind your mask

I have worked hard to become more authentic. I used to present a face to the world that I thought they wanted to see. My mum raised me to be a confident outgoing little girl. She didn’t care if that’s what I was comfortable with, it was what she wanted. I grew up and became a teenager, in a dysfunctional home, and I then had to present a new face, that of the perfect home. There’s a uk show called Keeping up Appearances and my brother and I became convinced we were living in some weird version of the show.

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Erotic Journal Challenge: Mental Health

I’ve written extensively about my own challenges with Mental Health and I apologise if I repeat myself here, but, this is such an important, misunderstood and awkward topic I feel justified in doing so, especially when it comes to discussing how mental health affects every aspect of your life, especially your sex life. Has mental health affected your sex life? My battle with depression and anxiety has impacted our sex life on many levels and in many ways. When I had my breakdown in 2005 all I wanted was physical contact. It was the first time I allowed myself to

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Striving to be perfect

Growing up I worked hard to be the perfect daughter. I was not to speak until I was spoken to and I was not allowed to have any opinions. The only time we (my brother and I) were praised was for getting good test results. Only my results were never good enough. I got B’s and C’s (my dyslexia was undiagnosed.. well to be fair it wasn’t recognised back in the 80’s) whereas my younger brother got straight A’s. He once sulked for a week for getting an A-!!!! I really tried hard not to disappoint my parents but nothing

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Move along

Steeled Snake wrote a post recently following a comment he received, where someone had complained that the content of his blog suggested that D/s relationships were “better” than vanilla ones. It got me thinking about the world in general and keyboard warriors in particular. I’m offended You can’t seem to express an opinion these days without offending someone. But on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or instagram, when your opinion or thoughts stray from the mainstream vanilla track, there are people who will actually comment to tell you how wrong you are. I find this incredulous. I wonder if

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Happy birthday MrH

It’s MrH birthday today and if you read my post Conundrum you’ll know I wanted to buy him a surprise gift and didn’t know if I would manage to keep the secret….. Well I did. Although I was like a kid on Christmas Eve yesterday trying to persuade him to open his present early – but MrH stayed strong 😂 The big reveal So, I hear you ask, what did I get him? A Samsung Galaxy Watch. And he likes it 😁 I did good!

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Fuck Budgets

It’s not what you think… I saw this TEDx talk called ”the magic of not giving a fuck” and as well as making me laugh it made me think…. Sarah Knights talk is funny and more importantly it makes sense… So what’s the idea? It’s quite simple really, if you think about it, if you only have let’s say 7 fucks per week to spend on the things you do outside of working and sleeping how do you prioritise your spare time?  Do you go to the after work social event that you really truly don’t want to go to or go home and watch your

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F4TF: I’m not crazy

There’s a song I found years ago, and loved instantly, on a list songs that Stephanie Meyers says she listened to while writing the Twilight Saga.  The song, by Matchbox 20 Unwell resonated with me then and still does to this day although MrH thinks it’s a strange song. Here’s a link to the video on YouTube.  ”I’m not crazy I’m just a little unwell “ Having lived through my breakdown it seemed to me that this song understood what I felt because the lyrics captured the moods perfectly.  I may look crazy sometimes- sitting all day in my pyjamas, not showering

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