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Would I lie to you?

Well would you? Would you?  I would.  In fact I do, all the time.  I lie to myself daily, hourly even.  There are times when the lies are all I have.  The biggest and most frequent one.  I’m fine. People ask me, “how are you?” They don’t want the truth, they want a lie, they expect a lie.  If you tell them the truth too much they hide away from it, and you.  They don’t want to hear that it hurts so bad I feel sick, or that I just wet myself because I didn’t know I needed to go. 

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wish list

Bucket List or Wish List

I don’t really have lists of what I want to do, I gave up on them after my dad died.  What is the point of making lists and plans when they can be taken from you at the drop of a hat?  So I can’t really do a bucket list.  I believe if you want to do something bad enough don’t ever wait, you’re not guaranteed tomorrow.  Instead I am going to do a wish list. Living for Right Now Does that mean I never make plans? Of course not, I mean I’m not a neanderthal. We plan holidays that

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A Whole Library

The food for thought prompt this week is one book.  Choose one book…. And, for me that is simply impossible!  I have so many books that at one time I had a database to keep track of them.  I am a very fast reader.  I mean really fast.  I read a 250 page book in about one and a half hours, so when I went to the library I would take out 10 books to last 1 week (bearing in mind I only read on an evening when T was in bed). Childhood books The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgson

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Might not will

There is a difference between the words ‘might’ and ‘will’ but my brain has trouble with this.  No, I’m serious and I bet I am not the only one… Let me give you an example.  On Thursday night MrH said his tummy hurt and I asked if he wanted something to ease it.  He said he did not and I responded with “OK” and dropped it.  Normally I would have followed up with an “are you sure?” but I did not.  As a result he said, “you might get a treat for that tomorrow night.” That’s what he said; but

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Faking Orgasms? Not anymore.

I have written about this topic before, and how I mentally justified faking it for many years.  In reality it still bothers me that I did this.  I don’t like that I did it and I don’t like ‘why’ I did it.  I don’t fake it now, I am sure that many women say that, don’t they?  I faked it with other partners but not with you dear.. Anyway, I digress. There are times when Mr H will ask me to cum for him and I think “I have” (usually I because I am incoherent I struggle to speak) but I

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kidney stones

Taking Turns – MrH goes to Hospital

Mr H is in hospital, he has kidney stones causing problems again.  They have been causing problems for a few days and today it got too much.   He came home from work, and phoned me.  Several times. I had my phone on silent.  It’s only my second day at my new job and I always have my phone on silent.  In the end he phoned the office, to ask me to drive him to the hospital. I couldn’t stay with him, for one because he wouldn’t let me and secondly because my back won’t let me.  I can’t risk being

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Don’t look back in anger

This song has had a lot of coverage in the last couple of years.  After the Manchester Arena bombing it was sung over and over in tribute to those who died and as a reminder that the people of Manchester would not be beaten by acts of terrorism.  It isn’t really a favourite of mine.  I haven’t really been an oasis fan ever but when I saw this weeks prompt for food4thought I wasn’t sure what to write and this this morning as I was reading through posts from the people I follow inspiration hit me, I chose not to

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Happy birthday to Me

Today is my birthday, and I am 45 years old.  I don’t generally celebrate my birthday, I’ve had so many disappointing birthdays where people I thought were friends cancelled plans with me that I learned to protect myself by not making any. 21st birthday Take my 21st birthday, at the time I had only 1 close friend, and we had planned to go out for a night of dancing.  The day before she told me she couldn’t make it, I can’t remember the excuse she gave me but I was gutted.  I went to visit my dad in Yorkshire and

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Memory lane

My dad passed away suddenly in 2003, from a massive heart attack, and I know I’ve talked about this before but, about a year or so after he passed I woke up from a vivid dream, sobbing.  Now I don’t know if you or even if I believe it’s possible that loved ones who have died can come and visit you in your dreams, but that night, well you decide…… I was dancing with my dad, like I did when I was little,  standing on his feet.  He didn’t speak to me, he just held me and danced. I don’t

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I’ve had many awkward moments in my life, and not all of them linked to kink, in fact most of them come from my vanilla life. Kids. There was the time T walked into the bedroom carrying a very large kitchen knife and an apple (he was 3).  Mr H and I were having sex, and he wanted the apple peeled. Mr H calmly peeled the apple and T went back downstairs to watch his movie. Then there was the time when T was about 13 and he told a room full of people that he thought I had planned

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