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11 Random Facts

11 random facts about me: 1. I can’t roll my tongue. 2. I ride a motorbike. I love it. The feeling when I am riding

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For Miriam the Brave

I’ve been meaning to do this Since you nominated me for the Liebester Award… And collaredmichael nominating me today reminded me I had not yet

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For CollaredMichael

Thank you so much for your nomination… I have been nominated for a Liebester Award before and while I haven’t accepted any (in that I

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It’s 2am. I’m awake. Not good. Our eldest son who’s almost 25 recently told me he’s still struggling with depression and feelings of self harm.

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Feeling disconnected

There are times when I feel like I ‘need’ MrH to push me into feeling submissive. This usually coincides with times when our bedroom play

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