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impact play

Cane Me.

I have a few different ways of dealing with stress, I have a tendency to withdraw, to shut down, to become quiet. Add the isolation of our current situation and I think one of the reasons I havent written much recently is that I write about the things I do and find interesting, and let’s be honest, I spend all day laid in bed looking out of the window, with the same view. The only thing that settles my mind is knowing that Mr. H is here, and my regular impact sessions with the cane. Cane. At least once a

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Sex and BDSM

When our relationship first came to include BDSM, I imagined every single possible moment would be filled with sex. I wouldn’t be able to move without Mr H thrusting a hard cock into me and telling me what how he was proud of me, and how he loved I was always ready for him. Of course I was not realising that the truth of the dynamic I asked for, being submissive to Mr H, meant accepting he would be the Dominant. He would be in charge and as such we would be having sex when Mr H wanted and not

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hard spank

You won’t break me

I am precious, cherished, loved.  Mr H controls his strength and holds back afraid to break me, most of the time.  Last year we experimented with him spanking me as hard as he could and he left gorgeous hand prints on my bottom, one side also had a welt for a few days.  And, he learned he wouldn’t break me.  Although our ears were definitely ringing. Breaking the sound barrier. The sound of his hand as it struck my bottom, wow, honestly the room spun, and my ears were ringing.  Like I had been at a rock concert for a

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A dirty Treat

I never know what Mr H plans when we play, he has control of that, but this time he pulled out all the stops, spanking and anal, all the things I love. A spanking. He tucked my hair behind my left ear and his hand trailed down my neck to my breast and pinched my nipple. I gasped at the unexpected pain and I looked up at him.  His other hand reached for my other nipple and he squeezed that one too – hard.  The pain was exquisite, as he tugged on my nipples my pussy reacted, my clit swelled,

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Tell Me About: Fantasies

When we entered into a D/s relationship, MrH and I talked about our fantasies and it opened up a whole world of sexual play that had been previously unexplored.   In our early years I purchased a number of traditional dress up items.  A French Maids outfit and a PVC dress were worn with stockings to great effect and MrH’s delight, but having worn them once, having seen them once, MrH would always decline when I asked if he wished me to wear them again.  I have not purchased any sexy clothing since because he always says he prefers me naked

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Red is the colour of my beautiful shoes. Red, (and black of course), are the colours of my new anniversary lingerie set, and the set in the featured image. Red is for passion and danger, so it fits that it is used as a safeword by many practitioners of BDSM. Red. My final safeword. The stop word. I think I’ve used it, two or three times. I tend to use yellow, which signals that I am nearing my limit more often than not. This is my way of telling him that I need a moment, and allows him to decide

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Journal Entry: Wednesday Night Chat 14th August 2018

We sometimes struggle to find topics to talk about, and rather than cancel I found an online kink questionnaire and we decided to go through it and see how our answers differed and what we shared an interest in. It isn’t the first time we have done these, in fact I think we have now done three or four of them.  Usually I answer them and Mr H reads them, nodding or shaking his head. This time I sent him the link and we read them together both giving our answers.  I wanted to know where his interests lay without

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I don’t know what to say- Taboos

I am so grateful to everyone who follows me. There are 333 wordpress followers, 18 email only followers, and 549 on Twitter. Assuming that the same people follow me on both Twitter and WordPress I’m still blown away that over 500 people think what I write is worth reading! TJ raised a point recently about validation, and how she gets really fed up when very few people comment on her posts. Now she also acknowledges that validation isn’t actually something she aimed for when starting her blog but in my reply I commented that really I think we all want

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Tell Me About: Public Play

Public play isn’t something we have done, but we’ve spoken about it. We went to an event (of sorts) and watched our good friend administer a flogging to her slave. It was interesting to watch. Sexy Public Play Initially when we first went to The Townhouse I was intrigued by all the equipment. There’s a sex swing in the BDSM room that I would like MrH to fuck me in. There’s a medical chair that he could secure me in and then play with me, and that too is something I think I would like. The BDSM room is one

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Blah – post script

My last post Blah talked about how I was feeling a bit off and how MrH had read over my shoulder that I “wasn’t in a good place,” which prompted him to start a conversation about it. I amended the original ending to include that we had talked, and went on to say what I should have perhaps said. MrH didn’t see the altered ending. But…. I nipped to the loo. When I came back he was waiting with my night collar. He changed my collar. I was wearing a cotton nightie (so S2 isn’t confronted by a naked mum)

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