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Orgasmic flush

MrH decided tonight we would play.  I got ready, shaved and so on, only to find out when MrH came upstairs that he had planned

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Happy birthday to Me

Today is my birthday, and I am 45 years old.  I don’t generally celebrate my birthday, I’ve had so many disappointing birthdays where people I

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Thank you

It seems appropriate to say a big thank you to @newsigns for his patience and help over the weekend. I urge anyone/everyone to engage his

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Christmas Day 2018

I’m still suffering from the tramadol withdrawal. Which sucks. MrH is looking after me, as is our youngest B. Our eldest S didn’t come home,

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Foot works

Today MrH said it would be a rest day. “We have no deadlines,” he said, “so rest. I have things to do and you can

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One of my followers just asked me a simple question… “if the tables were turned what would you want to do to him” …. My answer

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Our holiday- continued.

The story so far….  (see part one) Having been stripped naked, MrH ordered me to suck his cock maintaining eye contact (a new challenge) before

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One year …..

One year ago today I asked MrH to consider adding elements of BDSM to our relationship; primarily D/s. One year ago today MrH turned off

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