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Faking Orgasms? Not anymore.

I have written about this topic before, and how I mentally justified faking it for many years.  In reality it still bothers me that I did this.  I don’t like that I did it and I don’t like ‘why’ I did it.  I don’t fake it now, I am sure that many women say that, don’t they?  I faked it with other partners but not with you dear.. Anyway, I digress. There are times when Mr H will ask me to cum for him and I think “I have” (usually I because I am incoherent I struggle to speak) but I

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Don’t look back in anger

This song has had a lot of coverage in the last couple of years.  After the Manchester Arena bombing it was sung over and over in tribute to those who died and as a reminder that the people of Manchester would not be beaten by acts of terrorism.  It isn’t really a favourite of mine.  I haven’t really been an oasis fan ever but when I saw this weeks prompt for food4thought I wasn’t sure what to write and this this morning as I was reading through posts from the people I follow inspiration hit me, I chose not to

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Music to free your mind

The F4TF prompt this week is music, and I’ve written a few posts this month focusing on music for the September Songs prompt, so for this one I decided to focus on why I need music in my life, what it gives me, and how I use it in different situations. Mostly I need familiar sounds in the background to enable me to focus, and music is the best way for me to achieve that focus. Music for the soul. I have playlists for work with over 14 hours of music so when it is on random mode I get

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Treat others…

As you would wish to be treated. These are the words I live by. I truly believe that what you do in this world comes back to you. So, if you treat others well you will likely be treated well in return. If only everyone could live the same way. To see more posts about favourite phrases or words to live by click the image below. To see all my Food for Thought posts click here

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F4TF: I’m not crazy

There’s a song I found years ago, and loved instantly, on a list songs that Stephanie Meyers says she listened to while writing the Twilight Saga.  The song, by Matchbox 20 Unwell resonated with me then and still does to this day although MrH thinks it’s a strange song. Here’s a link to the video on YouTube.  ”I’m not crazy I’m just a little unwell “ Having lived through my breakdown it seemed to me that this song understood what I felt because the lyrics captured the moods perfectly.  I may look crazy sometimes- sitting all day in my pyjamas, not showering

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Near Miss…..

The F4TF prompt this week is near misses… now I guess I have lived a semi blessed life as I have not experienced anything so dramatic and terrifying as May tells us about in Darling Near Miss N – I don’t mind telling you I was holding my breath as I read it. When MrH and I met, I had a house, so there was no need to be shaggin’ in fields or the like. I did that kind of thing with my first husband and while I enjoyed the thrill of the forbidden and the chance you could get

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F4TF 100: Landmarks

Food for Thought Friday has been hosted thus far by the wonderful Kilted Wookie, but he has decided to step down. While the meme will continue under the watchful guidance of May Moore and Floss, he has set the last topic. I don’t take part every week, just when the topic or questions evoke a response. This week is one of those weeks.. What, if any, have been your particular landmarks, either in relation to your blog or your wider life? Do you have any future goals/landmarks you want to achieve? What are they? This made me think… I mean,

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