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Erotic Journal Challenge: Mental Health

I’ve written extensively about my own challenges with Mental Health and I apologise if I repeat myself here, but, this is such an important, misunderstood and awkward topic I feel justified in doing so, especially when it comes to discussing how mental health affects every aspect of your life, especially your sex life. Has mental health affected your sex life? My battle with depression and anxiety has impacted our sex life on many levels and in many ways. When I had my breakdown in 2005 all I wanted was physical contact. It was the first time I allowed myself to

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The Erotic Journal Challenge 12: Sexy

This is something I battle with on a daily basis, feeling sexy. Naked I don’t often feel sexy. I see stretch marks and cellulite. I see lumps and a lack of symmetry. I see surgical scars. What makes me feel sexy? In lingerie, sometimes, it depends on where my head is at. If I’m down all I see are lumps and bumps. Other times I see a curvaceous woman that MrH loves. The angle and filters help of course. Fully clothed I often feel most confident and sexy. The lumps and bumps are concealed, smoothed and the curves accentuated. But

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