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cancelling plans

Cancelling Plans: The Truth about Chronic Pain.

This isn’t the first time I have spoken about cancelling plans, and how living with chronic pain means we cancel a lot. Holidays, weekend trips, meals out. You name it, we have cancelled it. Why? My back. last year we booked tickets for Eroticon, determined to go. Mr H is not exactly comfortable with large groups and I know he is of the take it or leave it camp when it comes to things like Eroticon; but because he knows I want to go, to meet people I chat with online and to listen to the various speakers, he is

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Chronic pain

Equipment to Help Around The Home

On Friday, I was visited by a lovely lady, who came to see what adjustments could be made to our home, or equipment they would suggest, to make things easier for me around the house.  She was really nice, sympathetic and kind.  Even better she carries some equipment on her so after the assessment she left things with us.  I wrote about the kind of things we hoped she would suggest in my post Opening Doors.  So what did she suggest? Bathroom Equipment. The first piece of equipment she suggested was a raised toilet seat.  Unfortunately it doesn’t have a lid,

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disabled help

I don’t want to be disabled

I have written before about how I struggle when Mr H has to work on a Saturday, how I get anxious to an, in all honestly unhealthy level and if you follow my blog you will know Mr H has been in hospital this week.  He isn’t home yet, but hopefully he is home today.  I have coped emotionally, my anxiety has been normal and healthy, focused on Mr H and stay in hospital and him getting better.  What I don’t like is how much the last 3 days have made me face the truth of my situation.  I am

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kidney stones

Taking Turns – MrH goes to Hospital

Mr H is in hospital, he has kidney stones causing problems again.  They have been causing problems for a few days and today it got too much.   He came home from work, and phoned me.  Several times. I had my phone on silent.  It’s only my second day at my new job and I always have my phone on silent.  In the end he phoned the office, to ask me to drive him to the hospital. I couldn’t stay with him, for one because he wouldn’t let me and secondly because my back won’t let me.  I can’t risk being

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Opening Doors

With the crutches being used again to help me get about, Mr H has been opening doors and closing them, when we have had to go out.  As he pointed out, I’ve been wanting him to open and close the car doors like this for a while, so I’m enjoying it immensely.  I wait in the car for him to walk around and open the door.  He offers me his hand and helps me out.  I’d like to say it looks elegant but the reality is I huff and grunt in pain as I try to manoeuvre my body out

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