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Living Hell

The nerve block proceedure I had on the 29th did provide some relief for a few days, as long as I didn’t move about. When I did go out for brief periods to see if there was improvement, I was sadly dissapointed to find the relief was negligable. Sunday J went off to work, and we had time alone. Mr. H held me tight, kissed me and we made love. Sometimes I think you need vanilla, at least I do anyway. Later in the day when we got the cane out for my Sunday caning things went horribly wrong. I

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The Punishment

I broke a rule and so a punishment is in order. I don’t know what the punishment will be, but with J at work I know Mr. H has more scope. I’m nervous and a little excited too, but mostly I feel bad for having broken the rule. Mr. H does not like to punish me and putting him in this position makes me feel ashamed. Confessions of a Submissive Wife. Last night I was asking Mr. H if he really didn’t think things had changed much with the introduction of D/s, and he replied he felt he was lied

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Cane Me.

I have a few different ways of dealing with stress, I have a tendency to withdraw, to shut down, to become quiet. Add the isolation of our current situation and I think one of the reasons I havent written much recently is that I write about the things I do and find interesting, and let’s be honest, I spend all day laid in bed looking out of the window, with the same view. The only thing that settles my mind is knowing that Mr. H is here, and my regular impact sessions with the cane. Cane. At least once a

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Sex and BDSM

When our relationship first came to include BDSM, I imagined every single possible moment would be filled with sex. I wouldn’t be able to move without Mr H thrusting a hard cock into me and telling me what how he was proud of me, and how he loved I was always ready for him. Of course I was not realising that the truth of the dynamic I asked for, being submissive to Mr H, meant accepting he would be the Dominant. He would be in charge and as such we would be having sex when Mr H wanted and not

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You better not be late

Timekeeping is very important to Mr H, he hates to be late.  I hate being late too but I am also easily distracted and so I quite often run late.  With the change in our dynamic I know when I message him to say “running late” I am making him unhappy. What if one day he said, “you better not be late or there will be consequences,” would that mean I got a spanking? I guess a girl can hope. I love it when he uses his Dom voice.  Just the other day we were talking and I almost rolled

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hard spank

You won’t break me

I am precious, cherished, loved.  Mr H controls his strength and holds back afraid to break me, most of the time.  Last year we experimented with him spanking me as hard as he could and he left gorgeous hand prints on my bottom, one side also had a welt for a few days.  And, he learned he wouldn’t break me.  Although our ears were definitely ringing. Breaking the sound barrier. The sound of his hand as it struck my bottom, wow, honestly the room spun, and my ears were ringing.  Like I had been at a rock concert for a

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Tell Me About: Mindset

Being in the wrong mindset can ruin a carefully planned scene, and it is as important, for the Dom, as the sub to be in the right frame of mind.  If either one of us isn’t feeling it then the chances are it either won’t work out, or it will take a lot of effort to make it work.  So, I guess the important questions is: Mindset, what makes it, what breaks it? There are a lot of ways that my state of mind can affect play; more to the point, ruin play.  If I am distracted by sounds like

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Tell Me About: Fantasies

When we entered into a D/s relationship, MrH and I talked about our fantasies and it opened up a whole world of sexual play that had been previously unexplored.   In our early years I purchased a number of traditional dress up items.  A French Maids outfit and a PVC dress were worn with stockings to great effect and MrH’s delight, but having worn them once, having seen them once, MrH would always decline when I asked if he wished me to wear them again.  I have not purchased any sexy clothing since because he always says he prefers me naked

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Might not will

There is a difference between the words ‘might’ and ‘will’ but my brain has trouble with this.  No, I’m serious and I bet I am not the only one… Let me give you an example.  On Thursday night MrH said his tummy hurt and I asked if he wanted something to ease it.  He said he did not and I responded with “OK” and dropped it.  Normally I would have followed up with an “are you sure?” but I did not.  As a result he said, “you might get a treat for that tomorrow night.” That’s what he said; but

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sunday surprise

Sunday surprise

There is nothing I love more than Sunday Surprise Anal Sex; it doesn’t happen often, but that makes it even more special. A Normal Sunday. At 8pm UK time I toddled along to The Safewords Club for the chat. There’s usually a topic but sometimes it’s an open chat. This Sunday things went off on a tangent as a number of us have been lucky enough to receive a gift box from Satisfyer and so we all began discussing and comparing experiences. Part of our regular routine on a Sunday is that I receive a caning and this week was

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