The kinky side of life.

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Life’s victories

Some of you will know (depending on how many of my posts you have read) that a few years ago I successfully lost 5 Stone, following the slimming world plan. And for the most part when I look at myself I’m proud of where I have got to and happy

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I’m gonna show you Crazy!

It’s been one year and a bit since we became D/s. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I’m also more terrified. I’m so terrified that it will end. Frightened it’s been a wonderful illusion. Scared the passion will evaporate. For years our relationship drifted along. We were happy enough, and

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F4TFriday #46 – Good Points, well made…

As humans, we find it far too easy to concentrate on our imperfections; those bits of us that are too big, too small, stick out too much or, don’t stick out far enough. As a species, we seem to take a perverse kind of pleasure about making ourselves feel bad

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MrH has been my Dominant for 9 months now and over the last few days I have been prompted to reflect on our journey by a few other blog posts. In short it’s been wonderful. Every area of our relationship has been touched by the D/s dynamic and made stronger,

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And the winner is..

Today MrH and I went to view the images from the photoshoot, and wow, they were amazing! So, I hear you wondering, which one did MrH choose? And am I going to share? Well of course!! He picked this one (it’s been cropped because the original has my face on

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Serenity in submission 

I used to be quite an anxious person and although I do not mean to suggest I am ‘cured’ because I doubt very much that I ever will be, my anxiety has reduced. I believe this is due to the introduction of dominance and submission to my life.  When I

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