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Starting a blog.

I have spent the last few weeks reviewing all the content that I have imported from sweetgirlsjournal, and in many cases deleting content that either does not fit or is (well there is no other way to describe it) crap. You learn alot in the first 12 months after starting a blog and some of it you can’t learn any other way than by doing it. The mistakes you make are an important part of that creative process, learning who you are as a writer, what genre you fit into, and what you are most comfortable with, but there are

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New Vision, New Look.

Welcome to the new website, A Submissive Wife. Until a few days ago I could be found at sweetgirls journal but, following a critical database error and the discovery that the site had not been backing up since 7th Feb I decided it was time to roll my sleeves up and get serious. With the help of another blogger, who managed to grab my content after 7th Feb as it was cached in her browser history, I have painstakingly rebuilt the last 3 months. The content from sweetgirls journal has been imported, and will be updated and checked over the

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Why I Write.

I have seen a number of bloggers asking the question on Twitter “what do you want to see more of on my blog?” They ask their readership to guide them, and I assume this is because they seek to please their audience. My reply is always “write what you want to write about, people came to your blog to read what you have always written – so there is no need to change your content.” I believe this to be true. You, my wonderful reader, decided to follow my blog because of the promise of delicious kinky sex, and given

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There were so many things that came to mind when I saw the prompt 400. Should I talk about time, or how much I love Mr H, you know like the sonnet by Elizabeth Barrett Browning “How do I love thee? let me count the ways…” Or, should I talk about human nature and the ways we hurt each other? I allowed the ideas to run around my head as time ran down, and here I am with just 2 days left and still no topic. Then it came to me. This is my blog, so I am going to

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self promotion

Self Promotion

I am not very good at self promotion.  It’s one thing I hated when I was self employed, and it is also the thing I struggle with most when it comes to blogging, the idea of ‘selling myself’. Anonymity. There are some brave, (and I do think they are brave), bloggers who show their faces in their images.  I am not brave.  We do not want our children to be faced with someone confronting them, as ClearEyedGirl has experienced, nor do we want anyone who lives near us to recognise us, given the content of the blog.  Anonymity is extremely

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Reflecting on – well everything

I said I wasn’t going to do this.  A old year reflection, a new year plan.  I don’t like it.  Plans suck.  Plans don’t happen.  At least for me.  So reflecting on 2019 all I see is a long list of failed plans.  And that sucks. The things that didn’t happen A biking holiday in Scotland More Biking in general Several Hotel Stays Attending a rope workshop Going to a BDSM event Going out for a meal with some girlfriends Turning a bedroom into a playroom Finishing decorating the hallway Visiting stately homes Going for walks Things that did We

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inspirational bloggers

Sweetgirl’s List of Inspirational Bloggers 2019

Since I started blogging just over 2 years ago, I have encountered a number of truly inspirational bloggers. This is my attempt to give something back to the blogging community I am privileged, and proud, to be a part of.  I am going to list them alphabetically because everyone on this list is No.1. to me. Inspirational Bloggers, who go above and beyond! This first list is those Inspirational Bloggers who never fail to encourage others. They have offered me advice, encouragement and they are all fabulous writers too!  Whether it is fiction or factual every single one of these bloggers

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wish list

Bucket List or Wish List

I don’t really have lists of what I want to do, I gave up on them after my dad died.  What is the point of making lists and plans when they can be taken from you at the drop of a hat?  So I can’t really do a bucket list.  I believe if you want to do something bad enough don’t ever wait, you’re not guaranteed tomorrow.  Instead I am going to do a wish list. Living for Right Now Does that mean I never make plans? Of course not, I mean I’m not a neanderthal. We plan holidays that

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spanish inquisition

No one expects the Spanish inquisition

I use my blog to get my thoughts down on virtual paper and stop them from swirling around, my own version of the spanish inquisition, where I interrogate myself endlessly. Things have been rough for Mr H and I recently. Not in our relationship or in D/s terms, no, in fact I think that has helped us to weather it. This weeks Food 4 Thought prompt asks why do you write? Writing helps me process. I also hope that perhaps in some way the ups and downs of my life will reassure others that they are not alone. I wrote

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Tell Me About: FrienD/s

Since we began our D/s journey Mr H and I have made some amazing friends. We have met some in real life, some we will likely never meet due to the logistics (they live abroad), and some, who we hope to meet at next years Eroticon. I think, like most we initially chatted to people online. Mr H chose communities for us to join, Fetlife was the first he asked me about. Let me explain. I suggested adding BDSM to our relationship and then I let him run with it. I did not do any research. Well very little. I

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