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25th December 2018

Merry Christmas! MrH and I are looking forward to a nice relaxing day. I hope you all have a wonderful day too.

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24th December 2018

The nausea continues. Restlessness too. MrH is at work for a few hours. And I miss him. I’m watching mindless TV and staying hydrated. Nibbling on rich tea biscuits. MrH gave me some lashes with the cane last night just to help me relax. It did. It still took me a while to fall asleep but I felt really good. Some of the brain fog is clearing. If the nausea would just bugger off I’d feel like I’m getting somewhere.

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23rd December 2018

I’m determined to finish my advent post challenge – but I imagine the next three (this included) will be my worst ever posts! I have now missed 3 Doses of tramadol. By lunch time yesterday I was feeling the effects. Nausea. Brain Zaps My body feels heavy, achy. My sinus are congested. My head aches. Essentially like a bad cold. I slept a little yesterday afternoon. I struggled to get comfortable to sleep last night but did eventually fall asleep. MrH has gone in search of rich tea biscuits to help settle my tummy. In the mean time I’m drinking

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21st December 2018

We finished work at half past 12. We got a little Christmas gift from the directors too, which is nice. I bought a new battery for my motorbike, and then went to pick up MrH. Then followed 2 hours of pure horror as we shopped for food in a supermarket and bought a cat litter. The people driving were impatient and rude. The people in the supermarket were focused on their own shopping, oblivious to those around them. We finally got home and had an hour before we set off again to go back to town for the opticians. My

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8th December 2018

Today’s the day our rules are reset. Today’s the day our dynamic gets back on track properly. Let me explain….. MrH emailed me yesterday (text below) with his thoughts on how we can achieve this, which we then discussed last night. As you know my love I have been thinking about where we are at and where we are going and would like your thoughts on the below. Rules 1. Matching underwear to be worn Mon to Thurs 2. Friday is no pantie day 3. Food eaten must be on plan unless an exception is requested. 4. You are to

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5th December 2018

A new blogging couple Purplesole and LittleGem wrote a post where for a short time he allowed LittleGem to top him. The experiment showed Purplesole how aftercare was extremely important, and this got me thinking…… Have MrH and I ever discussed aftercare? Well yes we have, but perhaps not in the necessary detail. I have never told him what I need. And then I thought, why haven’t I? Maybe the same reason I tend not to share my needs, wants, fantasies and desires… I don’t want to challenge MrH’s authority by asking for things he hasn’t decided to give. I

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4th December 2018

“Let’s do your collar” MrH said as the episode of Strike Back ended. I got up and stood at the foot of the bed, and lifted my ponytail out of the way. He changed my collars and put is arms around me. “Who’s are you?” He asked. “I am yours.” “Who’s my girl?” “I am.” “Who’s going to get my cum later?” My heart stuttered. My breath caught. “Me?” It came out as a question. “Yes you” he whispered. I went to the bathroom, you know, as you do, teeth brushed and a visit to the loo before bed, then

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