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A2Z Blogging Challenge 2019

Blogging from A2Z 2019: Quiet

I imagine everyone who has teenage children, or small children who don’t sleep well, will be familiar with having to be quiet while having sex.  For years our lovemaking was quiet and hushed. Most of the time our son who still lives at home is online with a set of headphones on absorbed in some game, chatting with a group of friends. This allows some freedom in that I don’t have to be so conscious of sounds I might make when MrH plays with me. I’m sure what I say next will sound very strange. I didn’t realise how silence

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Blogging from A2Z 2019: Promise

A promise is a childish thing isn’t it? The idea that you can ensure something will happen exactly as you plan. That nothing will prevent it. As adults should we believe such a thing is even possible?  I can remember asking my dad to promise he would never leave. He promised he wouldn’t. Then he died. I can remember promising to be friends forever with girls at school. I have no idea where they are today. I do still ask MrH to promise me things though and I make promises in return. Many years ago. The first gift MrH bought be,

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Blogging from A2Z 2019: Open mind

I like to think I have an open mind.  I figure it’s none of my business how anyone else wants to live their life as long as they are not hurting anyone.  I find it incredible that anyone feels they have the right, in today’s world, to judge another’s choices.  I recognise that I am also lucky to live in a country where men and women are valued equally. Where women have the opportunity to do anything they want to do. When I hear some of the stories from around the world I feel so blessed. But I don’t share how my dynamic

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Blogging from A2Z 2019: Naughty

I have a naughty side.  Not like break the law naughty, but playful naughty.  Sometimes I’ll pinch Sirs bottom. Sometimes I’ll smack it. Sometimes I’m cheeky. All these things, I’ve learned can be described almost like an alternative personality. You may have heard of littles, where a person likes to be taken care of like a child. In some cases they like to be diapered and bottle fed or pretend to breast feed. Some identify as older, more like toddlers, and they may like to colour with crayons, drink from sippy cups and play with teddies the way you see very young

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Blogging from A2Z 2019: Marriage

I married MrH on a beautiful sunny day in September 1999.  It wasn’t the day we envisioned. My mother took over, his mother had her say too. If we could go back and do it again… we would elope. Whenever I asked MrH his opinion he would say I don’t care, what ever you like. I thought that meant he didn’t care. It wasn’t that at all, he said, he was interested in marrying me, being married to me, the wedding was just one day. Click the image above to see who else is taking part in the Challenge. To see

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Blogging from A2Z 2019: Kink

There are so many different kinks it would be foolish of me to try and list them all.  But Kink still needed to be included in the A2Z.  There’s also some that are more hard core than others. A bit like soft porn and hard core porn there are scales of kink. A2Z of Kink I guess our kinks lie in the soft end. Anal play, bondage, impact play, sex toys like phallic vibrators as well as wands, oral sex and wax play. We have some new candles that have arrived today and I can’t wait to see what they

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Blogging from A2Z 2019: Limits

Limits are something that every person entering into a D/s relationship needs to clearly establish. We all have them. There are generally accepted to be 2 types, soft limits and hard limits. I once read a submissive having said “I submit completely I have no hard limits I will do anything.” When the Dominant asked her to shave all her hair off she said “no” He of course then pointed out that this was in fact a limit, something she wouldn’t do, and we all have those lines we won’t cross. Now, for those, like MrH and myself who have

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Blogging from A2Z 2019: Effort

Relationships require effort and I think that a D/s relationship requires more than most. I’m not trying to diminish in any way a loving, healthy vanilla relationship, not at all, but I believe we can become quite complacent in long term relationships. We can take our partners for granted. Sex can become routine, I mean if you know what works for each other that’s what you’re going to do – right? Daily living takes over from excitement and passion and falls into the pattern of work, eat, shag?, sleep repeat…. maybe at weekends you go out, maybe you do chores,

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Blogging from A2Z 2019: Discipline

The second word from the anachronism BDSM, Discipline is an important part of my relationship with MrH. I am expected to maintain a certain level of self discipline, in that I must follow rules I have been set but also it falls to MrH to discipline me when I fail to follow the rules. This isn’t something he initially felt comfortable with but he does it as required. Of course D could also stand for Dominant, the role MrH plays in our relationship. MrH agreed to be my Dominant back in July 2017 and prior to this change in Dynamic

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Blogging from A2Z 2019: Anal

I’m a self professed Anal Slut. I love it. It makes me feel submissive and owned. It turns me on in a big way. It’s something MrH has said we will explore more, but we don’t often. In fact we haven’t for a while but that means it remains a special treat. I think some of it is to do with the necessary preparation. With the risk of cross contamination, anal play takes thought, more planning. Gloves, condoms lube and wipes are needed. It isn’t MrH favourite form of play either so it’s not at the top of his list.

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