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Sweetgirl’s Weekly Shares 21st December 2019

Here it is, my Weekly Shares for 21st December.  It’s been a very busy week, and I have been so tired; by Friday night all I could do was cry.  I am sure you have all experienced this level of exhaustion at some point in your lives.

I had a hospital appointment for an MRI on Wednesday and, as I needed the holidays for the Christmas shut down, I had to make the 6 hours up.   by working longer the other 4 days.  Considering it is not that long ago that I was working 8am to half past 4 I was surprised that 4 days of 9 til 4 hit me so hard.  It just goes to show how much the pain is taking out of me right now.

I had lots of fun writing my own submission and then picking my favourite three posts for Masturbation Monday Week 276 Round-Up.  As busy as I have been, I have still found time to read some wonderful posts, they have in many ways brightened my week.

Giving Thanks This Week

Elust 125 came out this week.  My own post was selected for the Erotic Non Fiction section by the judges, and I have to admit becoming a Judge has been a great experience.  Part of me enjoys the challenge of reading all the submissions and then assessing them critically in order to pick my top 5.  I am grateful to Molly and Michael for managing this monthly forum and for letting me be one of the judges.

Elust 125

Food4Thought issued their Chef 2019 list; that is the people who have contributed regularly to Food 4 Thought in the last year, and I was thrilled to be included!


Rebels SOSS The Christmas Edition is lovely – she is so generous with her constant encouragement to other bloggers by highlighting their work.  She very kindly shares my own Wicked Wednesday Post Put me on the Naughty List – Please.


The fabulous Deviant Succubus compiled a list of her Top 20 bloggers and shared it with her followers this week.  As well as picking 19 other amazing bloggers, she picked me.  I am so grateful to her, for taking the time to highlight me as well as the wonderful words she shared about my work.

My Top 20 Sex Blogs of 2019

My Favourite Posts This Week

This image and post by Holden and Camille caught my attention.  It almost made me wish we had a Christmas Tree so that I could recreate it with MrH.


This interview with Violet Fawkes by Between the Sheets is brilliant and I enjoyed reading it a lot.

Between the Sheets with Violet Fawkes

Submissy never fails to write truthfully and in this post she certainly doesn’t disappoint.  Afterall, D/s isn’t always sunshine and roses.  It doesn’t always go to plan.

Fist of Winter

My Posts This Week

This week I have written about Evolution of Sweetgirl’s Blog and the changes that have been made over the last few months.  I have written two linked fictional pieces, Reflected in the Mirror from the Dominants point of view and then Fill Me Up from the submissives; and a stand alone piece Put me on the Naughty List – Please for Wicked Wednesday.  I have also decided to enter Smut Marathon next year, which I am both nervous and excited about.

One post which pushed me out of my comfort zone, was Bestvibe Double Head Mini Wand Review as I decided to include a short audio clip of the point of climax during the solo test.

Favourite Image from Sinful Sunday (week 453)


I admit to having some serious leg envy when it comes to Submissy.  Her pins are so slender, shapely and sexy, and this image is just gorgeous! My own submission for Sinful Sunday can be found here.

Favourite Image from Lingerie is for Everyone (week 49)

I loved this image from Rebels Notes.it is simple and drew my eyes again and again – a very stunning derriere.   In fact I have a pair of these myself and I wore them for TAT2.  You can see my image from that post here.

So there you have it, the penultimate 2019 edition of Sweetgirl’s Weekly Shares 20th December 2019.  Don’t forget to check my gallery for images, as there are sometimes bonus images.



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