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Sexy Sounds (FFTF)

A lot of the bloggers I follow regularly do a FFTF post, but I’ve often read the prompt or questions and struggled to think of how I could answer. When I saw Rebel and Missy’s posts, and read the prompt, I decided that’s this week I wanted to take part…. I actually think I have something to say lol!  I guess I’m a moaner, groaner, sigher, and “maker of very odd noises” during play…  I make a whole host of sexy sounds – In fact I can be quite noisy.

MrH has on occasion shushed me or put his hand over my mouth. I don’t for one minute think he disliked it or felt uncomfortable, rather he was more aware at the time than I was that our adult children were moving about the house and able to hear. I think that bothers him – that they can hear.

When I’m still aware of things (not drifting away into subspace or completely under his spell) I will actively stop myself from making noise. This is mostly because I’m aware that our children might hear and that Sir doesn’t like that.

MrH rarely makes a sound. On the occasions when he does moan or groan I love it – it really turns me on. It takes that play to a different level knowing he’s had such pleasure from using my body, he couldn’t contain it. I get a real kick out of it and savour every time he does it. Just remembering that play can make me wet and horny ☺️.

I have no idea what Sirs preference is regarding my own responses. I have on occasion apologised for being loud and he’s said that I’ve no need to apologise but I don’t know what he actually thinks about it one way or another. If he likes it or not, if he prefers me quiet or free.

One thing that the introduction of the D/s dynamic has brought to play is dirty talk. It’s not incorporated all the time but I do get off on him talking to me. A few nights ago he told me to “just do as you’re fucking told” and although play had ended his commanding tone made me both wet and it affected by submissive mental state in a positive way. One thing I do like is when we are away from home he will tell me his plans during play. That really turns me on and sends me into a deeper level of submission. I also get off on him telling me I’m wet or dirty or his fuck toy…. the embarrassment and in a way the humiliation of the words when he says it makes me feel turns me on. I think it’s something that, as MrH gets more used to doing it, will become part of play more and more. Missy has in other posts talked about how HisLordship will clean her up after play and that his adds to the experience for her, the embarrassment, humiliation of being “cleaned” by him… when I’m in this mindset I can see it having a similar effect on me should MrH do that.

So, having said I like it when MrH talks – I do struggle to talk and so I’m grateful Sir doesn’t often ask me to. As Missy has said, the conscious brain that’s needed to form words and sentences has usually shut off and reactivating it in order to speak “ruins” the deep submissive place I’ll likely be in, or stops me from fully letting go and enjoying the play.

So, there you have it… my thoughts on sexy noises – I hope you enjoyed 😊


ps. Sorry Rebel I stole/copied your title 😉

8 thoughts on “Sexy Sounds (FFTF)”

  1. Loved reading this, Sweetgirl! My Daddy rarely makes any noise, but when he does sigh or moan…it feels like a victory! I, on the other hand, am pretty audible…especially at the end. Keeping quite when we have overnight company is never easy 🙂

  2. Personally, I’m not good with dirty talk (I’m too awkward), but I do love it when my partner vocalises her pleasure, either in words or through incoherent moans, groans, sighs and other”odd noises”.

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