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Pretty jewelled butt plug

MrH has been at work today and my sciatic nerves have decided to firmly Express how unhappy they are that I walked so far last Saturday. I’m in a lot of new pain and I can’t take any more pain meds, you know, cos I already rattle! MrH knew how I was feeling and decided to use the butt plug to distract me.

I received a message:

Go and put the butt plug in, the one with the jewel in.

Mr H, via Whatsaap on 31st August 2019 at 13:58

I went upstairs and hunted in the toy bag. It’s been a while since I’ve been given this instruction, and I wasn’t sure where it was. I found its little velvet bag and the lube and headed to the bathroom to insert the butt plug. J was up and about so I was nervous that he would decide to come talk to me through the bathroom door, (which for some ruddy reason both my boys do- no matter how much I try discourage it!), and then I’d be stuck in there with lube. Anyway he didn’t and so I was able to put the lube and the bag away.

I went downstairs to continue watching The Closer. I sent a message to tell him I had put the butt plug it in. He replied:

Good girl.

Mr H, via Whatsaap on 31st August 2019 at 14:24

Every move I made I could feel the butt plug. I felt odd, it had been so long since he had had me do this. Bending down to fill and empty the washing machine and dryer I was acutely aware of it in my ass.

The ASDA shopping was to be delivered between half past 2 and half past 3, and when it arrived (there was a lot because of buying things for J to take to university) J came downstairs to help unpack. The butt plug made me think of Mr H often and I was slightly uncomfortable because J was about.

I got another message:

Take the butt plug out at 16:00

Mr H, via Whatsaap on 31st August 2019 at 13:58

I watched time countdown until 4, then went upstairs to remove the plug. By the time I had cleaned and put it away, put some treatment onto my hair and returned downstairs fifteen minutes had passed. I sent a message to say I had removed it.

I enjoyed him exercising control over me, it’s been so long since we did something like this that it did calm my mind a lot. I guess this is a taste of things to come when Mr H and I are home alone, and that’s a tantalising thought.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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The plug we have is by So Devine and I bought mine from Lovehoney (Currently costs £19.99). It’s not really big so great for a beginner, but it is pretty!

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