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You may recall that a week ago MrH and I agreed a compromise in that, to satisfy curiosity he would spank me as hard as he could 5 times (I wanted 10). You can read what happened here

The resulting hand prints were pretty cool, and from only 1 spank with each hand.



And here I am today… you can still see the red line shown in the first picture

MrH feels badly. I was going to say conflicted but I don’t think he is, he doesn’t like that he marked me as he thinks this means he hurt me.

I am not conflicted either.

It was exhilarating. Yes it hurt. For those few seconds after the impact, wow did it sting, but in all it felt great. My bottom didn’t bruise. It didn’t hurt for long and doesn’t hurt now.

Impact calms me

We have had an extra impact session this week. MrH knows it’s a great way to settle my mind when I am stressing, and I am stressing.

Work isn’t going well.  I put some details in my post Breathe – 2am

Well, the directors won’t budge and will not pay holiday pay at the correct rate. They have instead threatened to sack anyone who complains. They haven’t said this openly, oh no, they have only said this to me. Instead I am to “send anyone with a problem to them.”

I spent the best part of Monday close to tears.

I spent the best part of Tuesday, worried because they have put my assistant on notice, saying they don’t think she is up to the job.  I have only a few weeks to show them otherwise or they will end her employment.  This is very unfair as she is more than capable, and the problems they are seeing stem from the fact that she works part time (and they don’t like it) and that they sent my office junior to a different building where she isn’t properly supervised and can’t help the way she once did.

To top it off on Tuesday one director had a temper tantrum, because he hadn’t looked on the holiday calendar, and hadn’t seen that someone was off next week. He believed that it had been approved that day because “it wasn’t there yesterday” when in fact it was approved in July. In that moment when he pushed the window open and started shouting I honestly feared he was going to hit me.  And, this isn’t the first time he has frightened me with his temper.

So, what does this mean? Simple, I am looking for another job. I can’t afford to just walk out, although I would like to.  Oh and we are making sure we buy a lottery ticket just in case.

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12 thoughts on “Marked”

  1. I had a boss who caused me stress like that. At levels that high, it can be very very dangerous to your health. I’m glad you are looking for another job, I hope you find it soon. Or win the lottery, that would be a great alternative too!

  2. Impact on the body can reduce the impact on the mind, definitely. And it sure looks like you could use some stress relief, given your less-than-compassionate or understanding bosses. Hope you and MrH get to try some harder spanking again soon.

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