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Make me want you

Yesterday MrH said he might let me suck his cock to completion. I did start the morning allowed to suck his cock for a few minutes and I spent the rest of the day horny.

Now I love it when he lets me do this. And even writing it makes me wet. So being greedy I asked if he planned anything else…

He told me off (quite rightly) reminding me I should be grateful for what I get given.

So last night we went to bed and I waited to be told to pleasure him.

He called me to do my collar and began to tease me. Stroking my body and biting my neck. He dipped his fingers between my legs stroking my clit.

He moved me to the bed and positioned me on my back near the edge of the bed. Spreading my legs he used his mouth on me bringing me close to climax, then he stopped. He moved up the bed and thrust his cock into me until he climaxed.

Don’t get me wrong this was a very delicious and satisfying experience. It was also frustrating.

As I mentioned in my previous post, pre D/s I didn’t always climax. At the beginning of our D/s I climaxed every time. Now MrH allows or denies as he see fit.

When he allows he really allows and I will be permitted many orgasms. When he denies I am left horny and frustrated because I “truly know” what I am missing!

But I’m also very aware of the effort involved in play. MrH likes me to be pretty passive. By that I mean he puts me into a position and I am to stay there. Usually lied on my back. This means he can do as he pleases but also means he has to do all the work, moving about etc…

Recently he had me lied with my head hanging off the bed so he could stand on the floor leaning over me, his cock in my mouth while he reached over with the wand.

After his thighs were quite sore from the time spent squatting in order to facilitate the play he wanted. So I felt bad.

I then spend time thinking…. how can we all get what we (I) want without causing this discomfort…. my day dreaming doesn’t help, generally making me even more horny.

I thought I’d share some of my day dream solutions, while I lay here clit throbbing, as MrH is in the bath.


MrH tells me to cover a pillow with the mat and kneel in front of him. He hands me the doxy and tells me to use it on myself. He takes my face in his hands and tells me to open my mouth. He uses my mouth, telling me to suck/lick as he desires until finally he cums in my mouth. I have orgasmed (in this day dream) several times as he uses me.

Downward Dog

MrH lays on the bed and instructs me to pleasure him. As I do he uses our clit stim toy on me. As he likes to cum inside me, when he decides he wants to cum he instructs me to stand at the side of the bed. He passes me the wand and tells me to bend over as far as I can and reach the wand up to my clit. He enters me from behind and if I’m lucky and the stim has got me close enough I cum as he does. The variant on this that really gets me hot is imagining that as he hands me the wand he pulls out the lube, puts on a condom and fucks me anally.

The lazy 69

The lazy 69 is what I call it when you’re lied sideways on. In my kinky version, MrH uses the wand on me and I give him a blow job. Win win all round lol 😂

I’m even more horny now than when I began and only MrH knows when I will get the release my body craves. He does know how to make me want him! I just wish he would sometimes show me that he craves me as badly. You know? Maybe you don’t. I mean, roughly grabbing me and fucking me hard and fast – telling me how much he loves my body and how it feels to be in me…how much he wants me…. (basically things he is unlikely to say because he doesn’t say things like that).

One final point. Comfort is of course important, cramp really kills the mood, but hot sex is so fantastic that at the end of the day maybe if our partners are willing and able to “endure” who are we to argue???

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