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Maintenance works…

He’s semi reclined on the bed when I walk in the room. I don’t realise immediately that he has his cane in his hand. What I did notice is that our boy cat is sat up, attentive. When I do notice the cane I realise that this is what has my cat so focused. His head is moving, following the cane and MrH looks like he’s conducting an orchestra!

The cane. A shiver of excitement has fluttered through me, but as we have not been well and Sir didn’t do the maintenance session last week, I don’t want to get my hopes up. I’m still a bit sniffly.

I needn’t have worried. After a little while MrH says… “come on, arse up or lied down, which ever you prefer.” And he moves the cat off the bed.

I chose arse up, in an almost on all fours position, but I’m actually on my forearms so I’m a little more relaxed.

In this position the skin stretches over my behind and each blow comes keen. By that I mean they always hurt a bit more than when I’m laid down flat.

MrH works over my backside with his cane. He now has more room either side of the bed as we have moved out some furniture. When he decides he has done, he tells me “that’s it, all done.” He lays next to me and covers me with the quilt, and holds me close.

I’m relaxed and drowsy. That night I slept soundly.


A regular cane session is a new thing for us but it’s something I find really helps me. Yet brings a reminder of the dynamic and forces me to relax.

While we have been poorly and, as regular readers will remember, I’ve had some cysts in a very awkward location so at this point I haven’t had an orgasm for 27 days….. unfortunately these things are stubborn little things. My dr has explained that they are harmless enough, they are just annoying. Some will have to burst and some won’t. Right now there’s still a small lump, and I don’t know if MrH will decide play is not allowed or not. I’m almost certain this remaining lump is one that will simply go on it’s own, where the collected sebum will be absorbed by my body rather than have to be expelled by bursting. But I don’t know what MrH will decide to do.

I hope he wants to play. I desperately want the connection.

I feel I need it, especially as MrH will be in work all day tomorrow. A day I dread. I hate the Saturday when he has to work and I am home alone. I try to fill my day but all I’m aware of is how he is not there. I’m at the hairdressers for a few hours in the middle of the day. And I have a bit of sewing I can do. But for the most part I will just miss him. A lot.

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4 thoughts on “Maintenance works…”

  1. I’m glad you received some maintenance. I know how hard it can be when there isn’t time or energy to do stay connected. Maybe because it has been so long for you, MrH might do some kind of special play?

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