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Life’s victories

Some of you will know (depending on how many of my posts you have read) that a few years ago I successfully lost 5 Stone, following the slimming world plan.

And for the most part when I look at myself I’m proud of where I have got to and happy with how I look. I mean, I deserve to feel great, right?

This was me a few years ago, on a Christmas night out. I thought the dress looked nice and slimming ….


Now I cringe…..

when I started to learn to ride my motorcycle, I struggled to get clothing to fit.. this is me on a ride out…


And then when I lost weight, I started to feel better… the jeans in the picture above got too big – I mean way too big…



And when I was on my bike I felt great, I even got some leathers!


And I felt amazing and soo sexy! Sexy enough that I managed to ask MrH to try Dominating me. And that’s been one of the best things for me.


Then I see pictures like the one I shared in this post Click here and I think “I look soo big and fat again.”

There’s a certain unfairness I think. I mean I remember before I had my eldest when a uk size 10 clothes meant you measured 34″ round the fullest part of your bust, 24″ round your waist and 34″ around your hip. A size 12 was 2″ larger (36-26-36) and so on…

I wear a size 10 to 12 now and these are no where near my body measurements!

If I make my own clothes I have to follow a size 14 or 16 pattern. Sometimes an 18 for my hips and I can’t help thinking that’s what I used to buy- before I lost weight. So, in old terms what size would I have been before I lost the weight??? Well my hips when I started we’re 54″…… yes 54….

If I sat in the bath and let the water run out there would be water behind my backside because my hips were wedged in stopping it from escaping. It was. Huge thing for me when my hips no longer touched the side of the bath. Sounds sad doesn’t it?

But I must remember the sexy feeling. I must remember how far I’ve come, and what I achieved.

I must hold onto that, or I will fall into feeling sorry for myself, and eating badly and I’ll undo all that hard work.

MrH has me back on plan and so far each week I’ve lost weight. As of last Saturday I was 1 stone above my original target weight. I will get back there and this time, I’ll stay in my target weight.

After all loosing 5 stone was definitely one of life’s victories.

8 thoughts on “Life’s victories”

  1. I think that’s a good approach, I’ve never ‘done’ a diet and would t know where to start but do know where I need to cut out rubbish I eat/drink and get back to exercising.

      1. I find it hard too often as I have chronic pain in my shoulder from an untreated SLAP tear, swimming helps though. I hope you’re feeling a little better, and certainly by tomorrow, take care for now x

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