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Let’s talk about.. Pubic Topiary

Pubic hair… It’s highly likely that you have at some point trimmed/waxed/shaved your bikini hair. If you’re young you may only have a few hairs that peek at the side of your briefs but if you’re like me then from a young age a regular bikini wax was essential to prevent the “burst mattress” look as one of my good friends describes….

The majority of women avoid this at all costs..

To add insult to injury as you get older the pubic hair decides to extend covering more of your body, women with hormonal imbalances or sufferers of PCOS may find this happens sooner, making hair removal a big business.

But, there are so many choices these days what are we supposed to do? For may years I favoured the classic bikini wax. But as I put on weight I stopped waxing because suddenly I started to bruise badly.. at this time I switched to hair removal cremes if I did … But mostly I just trimmed the hair short with MrH’s old beard trimmer.


These are some of the popular pubic topiary shaping. The Bikini Line is probably the most common.. with landing strip being next. Although some strips are wider than others 😂 but as you can see there are many variants. And let’s not forget that wonderful craze … The vagazzle!!

Anyway, back to my point…

When we started this D/s journey, it suddenly became important to me that I was nicely presented. I want to make this clear that MrH in no way demanded I change my appearance – he never has – but I wanted to look nice. I didn’t want to think he was finding pubic hair between his teeth (gross) 🤮 or that when he touched my skin it wasn’t smooth.

So I quickly resumed daily leg shaving (I’d got a bit lazy over the years) and then turned my attention to the bikini line…..

First, I went and had a wax… Thinking that because I’d lost weight maybe I wouldn’t bruise… Wrong..

Then, I tried to use the hair removal cremes and found if it gets too close to the inner labia – it burns!!!! 😲

Finally, I decided to try shaving…

I mean I already shaved my legs every day.. how hard could it be?

In truth – it’s not that hard. The trick I think is to be consistent and careful. To use good quality kit and a moisturiser. I’m going to share with you the products I use, and recommend, and how I do it.

The Products

I recommend using a Gillette Venus razor..

Like these.. although the yellow one with Olay has large moisturising strips around the blade and I found it meant you didn’t get a close shave. But the refils fit any handle, so try different ones until you get the one that you like best.

I also recommend using a good shave gel. Again I recommend a Gillette gel..


And for the first few weeks… Apply some Sudocrem after you’ve shaved… It just helps your skin recover. I tried loads of different things but this was the best option.

After daily shaving for a few weeks I stopped getting any irritation.

The method

  1. Wet the skin.
  2. Apply shave gel (don’t skimp)
  3. Shave the area you want to. Try to only go over the same area once or twice, and use smooth strokes.
  4. Wipe any excess gel off gently with a damp warm cloth or rinse with the shower head.
  5. Pat dry with a soft towel.

Initially I didn’t want to go for the Brazilian, I worry that by removing all the hair, it’s wrong, after all… Women have hair, children do not. So I went for the landing strip. It slowly got thinner and thinner as I shaved over the weeks, while I tried to keep it even. Then MrH made a video 😉. And on this video you couldn’t tell I had any pubic hair. So, I thought what the hell… And the following day I shaved it all bare.

MrH has never made any comments regarding his preference, I think he prefers to leave it to me to decide how to prepare myself for him, but I feel better knowing I’m as smooth and clean as possible for him, and that no matter what underwear I have on, there’s no “burst mattress” here!!! 😂

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13 thoughts on “Let’s talk about.. Pubic Topiary”

  1. I love the totally shaved look. My Queen has between the martini and landing strip though. Not an issue as she keeps it very short and I never have to worry about hair in my teeth! Regardless, I have no say in how she grooms herself (or how I groom myself). That’s the beauty of an FLR!!

  2. Great tips! I started completely shaving several years ago because it just felt cleaner to me. HD doesn’t really care, he has never made any edicts about my grooming, but I feel much more comfortable when I’m freshly shaved than when I’m not. Unfortunately I can never get all the hair, my body shape makes it so hard to get everywhere! HD has made the suggestion of him shaving me, which makes me a bit nervous. 🤭😬

  3. Daddy prefers me completely bare, but he understand that I just can’t regularly shave there as my skin is just too sensitive. So, I shave it all off every two weeks and he’s happy with that. I prefer a landing strip as having some hair gives added sensation, but we submissives don’t have a choice in these matters, do we 🙂

  4. I am completely bare. After years of shaving daily, and Mr. HH mentioned waxing many times, he found a new process called sugaring. It’s supposed to be kinder to sensitive skin. I’ve been going every 5 weeks since May now. He LOVES the silky softness of this process. I’m not a fan of the growing out between visits, but he thinks it’s worth it.

  5. I dislike razors. I hate the scratchy feel and I am low maintenance. I don’t like having to preen regularly. I’d rather write! Or do anything else really! After years of waxing I moved on to an epilator, which means long term smoothness and no spikey regrowth. And money saved. I bought an epilator off ebay for £10 about 5 years ago and that’s it. I’m still using it. I probably do a full session every 4 weeks or so and little bits in between because weirdly some bits grow faster than others. I use a razor on my pubic area but I have a reasonably full/ though well trimmed bush which is easy to maintain when I shower and doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

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