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Laugh together

When I married MrH my gran gave me some advice. Advice I listened to because she and my grandad were married for over 50 years and died within 3 months of each other.  She said, “laugh together often and be kind to each other.”

Over time I’ve seen many relationships falter. Lovers who become strangers, indifferent to each other, and eventually not even friendship remains. Is this advice the key? Does laughter and kindness keep a relationship strong?

Probably not on it’s own, but, in order to laugh together you have to be communicating in some way. Listening to each other and connecting. Being kind and considerate means you have paid attention and care about each other’s feelings.

So maybe it is the key. Or at least one of many.

MrH and I laugh together. Sometimes he laughs at my silliness sometimes we laugh at videos we share, sometimes we laugh at noisy farts like children. But we are kind to each other. Probably kinder to each other than we are to ourselves at times.

I did wonder what I could share that we had laughed at recently then I remembered a tale my mum told us about an uncle of mine. See, he has an Amazon Dot, a voice activated smart device, that responds to the name “Alexa” . His device wasn’t working properly and so he complained and they sent him a replacement.

In the mean time he spoke to his daughter (my cousin) who said she was surprised as they usually work, and asked him to show her what he was doing…. so he said “Alexia..”

My cousin explained that he had been saying the name wrong and this was the problem. He’s unlikely to live this one down….

MrH and I shared a few giggles over the weekend over this one as my uncle is known to be “always right”.

So there you have it my funny thing, and some advice from my gran.  Make sure you and your significant other remember to “laugh together.”


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11 thoughts on “Laugh together”

  1. Great advice from your Gran – I think we should look more to the older generations to help us through life’s ups and downs. Young people always think they know best – nothing is new in life though x

  2. A cute story about your uncle. And I had to laugh about laughing at noisy farts because I crack up at myself and he gives me a look and it makes me laugh even harder. Nice to know I’m not the only one who laughs at farts 🙂

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