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Journal gets new Look

While posting the recent guest post I had to learn how to do text editing…. and whoop I did it! So now Sweetgirl’s Journal has a new look.  New text colour and new font, as well as new home page. 

I’m still ironing out the kinks so to speak.  I tried making a child theme yesterday to make it so I didn’t have to keep selecting the font and colour but so far this has eluded my skill set.  I did change the colour and font on the side menus… which I was super thrilled with… only my old posts wouldn’t open.. so, back to the original theme while I work out what went wrong there.

I guess while I’m feeling poorly I may as well play about lol 

You may recall some time ago wordpress closed my WP account for content infringement and we had to go self hosted. It turned into a good thing as I now have more control (thank you @uncertainsigns for the assist) but we did loose months of images and in some cases I don’t have any copies so I haven’t been able to fully piece the site back together. 

Today while I was resting and feeling sorry for myself I asked @uncertainsigns if he could point me in the right direction for how to make the changes I wanted.  Once again he offered advice and I can’t thank him enough.  He has a business and if you need assistance give him a message on twitter for a quote. 

So while I have lots of fun playing with fonts and colours, I hope you like the new static home page, and the new look.


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15 thoughts on “Journal gets new Look”

  1. I keep thinking about why you went to self hosting and how upset I would be if I lost all my content. I would like to self host but haven’t the slightest idea of how to do it! Was it expensive to do?

    1. It really wasn’t… I used siteground and in all honesty if you’re technically minded there are loads of how to step by steps out there, or for a small fee people will do it for you…

    2. I thought your site was self-hosted because of the content, Michael, but Sweetgirl is right. It’s easy to set up a self-hosted site. I have one for my book landing pages, not the one I blog on since I like to keep that as is on WordPress platform.

        1. I run websites and just got a new domain today for short romances. As long as you have your stuff backed up, I’d wait until something happens to your wordpress-hosted site to go self-hosted although there are benefits to self-hosting. My lizdurano one is through wordpress but my lizduranobooks one is self-hosted. I just don’t blog on there. There is definitely a learning curve but once you get over that initial hump and you don’t have a really complicated theme, you should be fine with self-hosting.

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