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If I loose 10lbs I can have my belly pierced again… That’s what MrH told me today.  He called it an incentive.

I’m 1 stone 10lbs above my target weight so I think he’s, is being kind not making me loose it all. Having said that, I am very aware I will have to be strict with myself to achieve the 10 lbs loss…

So, my food diary is back on my phone. I’ve got the syn value of the usual things saved, and I have a reward to look forward to..

Then the only thing left to pick will be the gem colour!!!!

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9 thoughts on “Incentive”

  1. I love the pink one. Best of luck… even though you’re already foxy af. But I understand wanting to shed the extra extra-ness. Can I ask how you want to lose the weight? Portion control? Abstaining from certain food groups? I want to lose some inches too…. 🤙🤙🤙

    1. I am a member of slimming world. I have been going now for 3 years, it’s how I lost 5 stone 2 years ago. I put some back on with working and well laziness really 😊

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